New PS5 console redesign due for release next year claim sources

A revamp of the PS5 is set to start production as early as 2022, but it’s unlikely to make the console any smaller.

The PlayStation 5 is big. Not just in terms of popularity but physical size. Keen not to repeat the mistakes of the PlayStation 4, whose loud fans could be a constant irritation in some games, the PlayStation 5 was designed specifically so that wouldn’t be a problem.

But while many may be holding out for a PS5 Slim model that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, even though there are rumours of a redesign for next year.

According to DigiTimes suppliers are already getting ready to work on a redesign of the PlayStation 5 in either the second or third quarter of next year. However, the changes are only expected to be internal and not external.

Supposedly, the most significant change will be a new ‘semi-customised’ 6nm CPU from AMD, which will be cheaper to manufacture than the current 5nm one.

Revisions such as this may not make any difference to customers (Sony is very unlikely to reduce the price of the console as a result of the saving) but they do allow companies to start to make a profit from hardware sales, despite making a loss at launch.

This is an issue that’s already been highlighted this week, when it was revealed that Microsoft has never made a profit on Xbox hardware – even with revisions.

Respected analyst Dr Serkan Toto highlighted the report but described DigiTimes’ track record as ‘spotty’.

A revision of this nature will certainly happen at some point but the more important question at the moment is whether it will allow Sony to manufacture the consoles any quicker.

That doesn’t seem likely given the relatively minor changes suggested, with Sony themselves admitting that stock situations aren’t likely to significantly improve until at least this time next year.

Taiwanese news outlet with spotty track record Digitimes: Sony aims for a PS5 redesign for 2Q or 3Q 2022: (paywall: and yes, I am subscribed)

It says the next PS5 will come with a “new semi-customized” 6nm CPU from AMD.

5nm is said to be too costly.

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