Nintendo Suspending Sales In Russia Has "Negligible Effect" On Earnings

Earlier this year in March, Nintendo announced that it was halting all exports to Russia for the "foreseeable future". It has since revealed that doing so had a "negligible effect" on earnings.

As reported by NME, Nintendo's 82nd annual shareholder meeting held a Q&A segment where one shareholder asked about Nintendo's future business relationship with Russia. This is following its decision to halt sales and exports to the country due to its invasion of Ukraine in February.

"Since the payment provider for Nintendo eShop (which operates the digital business) in Russia has suspended transactions in Russian rubles, the Russian Nintendo eShop has been in maintenance mode since March 4," president Shuntaro Furukawa said. "In addition, due to the suspension of Nintendo eShop operations and logistical difficulties, for the time being, we are not shipping any products, including physical products, to Russia.

"We will not discuss the specific amount of impact, but this issue has a negligible effect on our overall financial results since sales in Russia are only a small part of overall sales for the Nintendo Group," Furukawa continued.

Senior executive officer Satoru Shibata added, "[We're] giving serious thought to how to handle this going forward, in light o changing world affairs. In Europe, as in other regions, Nintendo Switch sales continue to be steady even entering its sixth year, and interest from consumers is high. While changes in the environment like the situation in Ukraine and global inflation do exist, these factors have not greatly affected the progress of the Nintendo Switch business in Europe."

Nintendo isn't the only game company acting due to Russia's invasion—Euro Truck Simulator 2 cancelled its Heart of Russia DLC in protest while the industry as a whole has raised over $200 million in support of Ukraine. This pool comes from Epic Games, Ubisoft,, The Pokemon Company, CD Projekt Red, Bandai Namco, and more, with streamers also raising money on Twitch and YouTube. Asmongold even raised $400,000 while playing Elden Ring and Lost Ark.

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