Overwatch 2 Players Debate Which Hero Has The Worst Ultimate

Overwatch 2 has a whole bunch of Heros to play around with right now, and plenty more like Ramattra and an unannounced Support Hero on the horizon. With that many Heroes to pick from, it's only natural that some are better than others. That's what Overwatch 2 players have been debating today, specifcally each Hero's Ultimate and which is the worst.

This question was put to the Overwatch subreddit by Redditor SKeptical230, which swiftly racked up over 500 replies in no time at all. While there's a decent range of answers, some of them dependent on whether the player enjoys using the Ultimate or not, there are quite a lot of players who can't seem to decide on whether Bastion or Doomfist have the worst Ultimate in the game.

For those who aren't aware or who haven't played as either, Bastion's Ultimate is called Artillery and lets him fire three artillery shells on the map wherever the player chooses, while Doomfist's Ultimate is called Meteor Strike and launches him up into the air to slam down onto a player's chosen location. Both Ultimates function rather similarly, and is probably the reason why the community is so torn when deciding which is worst.

Like OGObeyGiant points out, Bastion's Ultimate pretty much makes him a sitting duck while the player decides where to place their shells. Even when they're fired off, UrHollywoodMyPain raises a very valid point by saying "Senior citizens could wheel their way out of it." I wouldn't fancy my grandma's chances against an artillery shell, but whatever floats your boat.

On the other hand, those who think Doomfist's Ultimate is the worst include MADSKULL1, who points out that Meteor Strike pretty much functions like one third of Bastion's Ultimate, while Hexdoctor thinks its only real use is to get Doomfist out of tricky situations.

Other Heroes that get a brief mention by one or two include Orisa, Tracer, and Baptiste, although it definitely seems like Bastion and Doomfist are fighting it out for the main prize.

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