"PlayStation Presents" Focused On FF7 Remake And Resident Evil Coming This Month

A PlayStation live stream focused on big titles from Japanese developers has been announced for March 21, 2021.

It feels like we have been allowed to take a breath after what was a whirlwind of presentations announcing new games and projects. Nintendo Direct, PlayStation’s State of Play, and Pokemon Presents. Well, prepare to dive back in as PlayStation has revealed its next live stream. PlayStation Presents Play! Play! Play! which will take place on March 21, 2021.

The stream will focus on games coming from Japanese developers later this year. Most notably two of the biggest games coming to PlayStation in 2021. Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade, and Resident Evil Village. The stream will include interviews with FF7 Remake’s producer Yoshinori Kitase and Capcom director Morimasu Sato. It’s assumed both will have extra information to reveal about their respective games.

During PlayStation’s State of Play, it was revealed that FF7 Remake will be getting a serious upgrade. Intergrade will not only usher the game onto PS5, but it will also add an entirely new episode to the game. The new episode will be two chapters in length and feature Yuffie, who fans of the original game on PS1 will be familiar with, and Sonon, a brand new character to the franchise. If you’re unfamiliar with either of them, Square Enix has published short biographies on both characters.

Resident Evil Village will be the next chapter in the iconic horror franchise. RE fans have already had the chance to play Village via a short demo, and another one is coming very soon. It might even be released in conjunction with the PlayStation Presents. It has also revealed how big Village’s file size will be, and while it is twice the size of RE 7, it is still relatively small compared to rival games.

If news on two of the biggest releases of 2021 isn’t enough to make you tune into the stream live, Sony will also give ¥2000 to 100 lucky viewers who take part in a stamp challenge. That offer does only appear to be open to people watching in Japan. Perhaps a makegood after reports surfaced that PlayStation will focus on Japan less during this current generation of consoles.

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