PlayStation Reveals Five Different PS5 Covers Coming 2022

It has been a little more than a year since the PS5 launched and during that time Sony has managed to shift more than 13 million of them. That's despite the console being sold out everywhere all the time, or at least that's how it feels, and a lot of people being unsure about its design prior to launch. The PS5's look is a huge step away from the sleek black consoles that came before it. The brash white behemoth looks a little like spaceship, and owners have been wondering when it will be available in a different color.

It was quickly discovered that the PS5's white shell can be removed relatively easily. That almost guaranteed that at some point, PlayStation would be adding the option to change its color. Well, now that option has arrived. As you can see below, PlayStation has officially announced its Galaxy Collection which includes covers for the console in five different colors.

The five colors include Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, which have already been applied to the accompanying DualSense controllers earlier this year. However, three brand new colors will be introduced to the PlayStation collection. Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. DualSense controllers in all three new colors will also be available.

The reveal for the covers, which you can check out above, states they will be available some time in 2022, but doesn't give a specific date. The black and red covers will launch on January 14, 2022 according to PlayStation's online store, but the other three colors don't currently have firm release dates. The three new DualSense controllers have a release date of January 14, 2021.

Unofficially changing the color of your PlayStation has been a point of contention ever since launch. Dbrand has been selling plates on and off for the past year but has received some unwanted attention from Sony along the way. At one point Dbrand tweaked its design and quite literally asked Sony to sue, which it threatened to do shortly after. Dbrand continues to sell now-altered plates for PS5, but its popularity may well take a hit now official covers are on the horizon.

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