Pokémon: creepy Gengar cushion announced in Japan, already sold out

A rather disturbing looking cushion of the pokémon Gengar is proving to be surprisingly popular, as pre-orders instantly sell out.

For as cute and cuddly as the world of Pokémon can be, it’s also kind of terrifying sometimes. Case in point: the ghostly Gengar.

Despite its menacing appearance (or perhaps because of it), Gengar is consistently one of the most popular pokémon in the series, so it makes sense for it to get a cushion based on it.

But what makes this piece of merchandise stand out is that it’s not just a cushion. Inside Gengar’s mouth is an elongated tongue approximately 170cm in length. The tongue can be pulled out and used as a rug, blanket, and even a pillow.

The cushion is being made and sold by P-Bandai in Japan and the website even shows a terrifying image of someone resting with their head inside Gengar’s mouth.

P-Bandai opened pre-orders earlier today, with the item scheduled to ship later this year in June.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly depending on your viewpoint), the product is already sold out, with P-Bandai no longer accepting pre-orders.

Hopefully, it will become available again in the future and P-Bandai will offer international shipping, like it does for some of its other products, so those outside of Japan can grab one too.

It’s not exactly cheap, though, with it being priced at ¥25,950, which is roughly £184/$250.

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