Pokémon Go Offers Another Set Of Cheap Remote Raid Passes – Here’s How To Get Them

Niantic has offered up two more one Pokécoin raid pass bundles to help trainers make the most of Mega September.

Niantic continues to add features and mechanics to Pokémon Go in order to keep its players interested. More than four years on from its initial release and that gradual rollout of features and new Pokémon continues to work. Despite the pandemic, the numbers during the first half of 2020 suggest that Pokémon Go is on track to have its best year to date.

One of the newest features added to the game was Mega Evolution. Players familiar with the core series of Pokémon games will know all about the ability. It allows a Pokémon to temporarily take a larger, much more powerful form. Pokémon Go players have to harvest mega energy by completing mega raids in order to use it, and its effect lasts just four hours.

The amount of work trainers had to put in for a pretty measly pay-off was labeled as a pay-to-win mechanic by some. Niantic listened to those complaints and adjusted the rewards for completing mega raids, making mega energy a little easier to come by. Since it is celebrating mega raids throughout September, it also offered up a bundle of three remote raid passes for just one Pokécoin.

Chances are anyone making the most of Mega September will have burned through those three passes pretty fast. Fear not, as Niantic has now decided to offer up that bundle two more times. The second of the three bundles is available to but now from Pokémon Go’s in-game store. The only caveat is that a trainer cannot be holding any remote raid passes at the time of purchase as only three can be held at any one time.

The first new bundle is only available for a limited time. Anyone who hasn’t bought it before 1 pm PDT on September 19, 2020, will miss out on it for good. Whether you miss the first bundle or not, the second one will be made available from 1 pm PDT on September 21, 2020, and remain up for grabs until the same time on September 29, 2020.

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