Pokémon GO: Which Grass-Types Can Learn New Attacks

Grass-types and a handful of grass-type moves have been given a boost in Pokémon GO to help them in GO Battle League.

As is the case with almost all games now, Pokémon GO has released a feature and is learning how best to deal with it as it goes. Trainers are currently in the midst of the Battle League’s first season and Niantic made its first big change to balance competition via its latest update. A buff to certain grass-type Pokémon and grass-type moves.

It has become clear that grass-types were not the way to go in Battle League, but that has now changed. Bullet Seed, Energy Ball, Leaf Tornado, Ancient Power, Silver Wind, and Ominous Wind are now all more powerful than they were before. They can also be learned by a variety of different grass-type Pokémon.

Similar to Ludicolo, Cradily can also now learn a move that charges its charged attacks a lot quicker, Bullet Seed. As for Sunshine Form Cherrim, its newfound ability to use fire-type Weather Ball gives it the edge other rival Pokémon when it’s sunny out. Tangrowth has already been a strong choice in Battle League, however, it now has the ability to learn Rock Slide. This makes it an even better choice to battle alongside trainers’ other newly-powerful grass-types.

This might well be the first of many buffs and changes like this one that Pokémon GO players see in the coming weeks and months. Niantic is still learning how Battle League works best alongside Pokémon GO‘s players. If another type begins to flounder off the back of these alterations, then perhaps it will get a buff of its own some time soon.

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