Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Confirms EXP Share

Pokemon promised a new trailer and more info on Scarlet & Violet today, and it didn't disappoint. A bumper 14-minute video just dropped on Pokemon's YouTube channel detailing all sorts of new stuff about the games and the Paldea region. Among those new details was the reveal Pokemon will share their EXP after winning battles.

While a feature in pretty much every mainline Pokemon game from the very start, how exactly EXP share would be implemented in Scarlet & Violet hadn't been confirmed until now. The trailer begins with a trainer walking around with their Quaxley showcasing some of the games' new features, such as tera types. After that, wild auto battles are confirmed when Quaxley is left to fend for itself.

Once Quaxley is done, the trainers' team of six pops up in the left-hand corner, showing exactly how much EXP it earned from defeating the wild Pokemon. While Quaxley gets the lion's share of the EXP, the rest is divvied up among the other five Pokemon. Again, as is traditionally the case in Pokemon games, but as has already been voiced on social media before and after the trailer, some were hopeful players would have the opportunity to turn it off.

The ability to disable EXP share has been an option in the past, but that doesn't appear to be the case in Scarlet & Violet. On the bright side, right after the tera types and EXP share info, a new system in which trainers will be able to craft their own TMs was revealed in detail. Players will be able to use items they've scavenged to create their own moves they can then teach to their Pokemon.

As is usually the case, and with more than 14 minutes to fill, Scarlet & Violet's new trailer also revealed a new Pokemon. Perhaps most notably a Girafarig evolution. As fascinating as the new Pokemon looks, it probably won't be taking the crown for cutest gen nine monster away from Fidough, who in turn took it from Lechonk a few months ago.

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