Pokémon Sword & Shield Easter Event Gives High IV Ditto

Pokémon Sword & Shield has been taking pages from the mobile playbook with its post-game strategy. Pokémon GO marks holidays with themed events, and the Nintendo Switch games follow suit with regular raid events. The next big holiday is Easter, and that means eggs. Which in Pokémon world means babies… and Ditto for some reason.

From now until April 15, Sword & Shield players will encounter more Baby Pokémon and Ditto in Max Raid Battles. The reasoning behind this is probably that Pokémon babies come out of eggs. Creating these eggs requires the player to breed, and Ditto has achieved meme status for its ability to breed with any Pokémon. So essentially this is a breeding event.

As GameRant reports, the Sword & Shield developers seem to have intended this as a breeding event. They made it so that items related to breeding (such as Lucky Eggs, Everstones, and Destiny Knots) drop more frequently from Max Raid battles.

One might question why the Easter event didn’t spawn more egg Pokémon like Exeggcute or Chansey. But framing it as a breeding event is a very smart move. Bred Pokémon inherit some stats from their parents. As such, Ditto with amazing or even perfect IVs are prized among competitive players. Max Raid Battle Pokémon tend to have great IVs. So a Ditto-centric raid event is sure to encourage high participation and keep dedicated fans happy.

But still, I wouldn’t mind an Alolan Exeggcutor raid. Just to see it Dynamaxed.

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