Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Find & Evolve Goomy Into Goodra

Looking to capture Generation Six’s pseudo-legendary in Pokémon Sword & Shield? Well, sorry. You can actually only do that in 50% of those games.

Goomy is a version exclusive to Shield, meaning that it will need to be traded for Sword players from someone with Shield, or through Pokémon Home. However, here’s how you can capture Goomy and evolve it in Pokémon Shield.

The Location

Goomy is a Pokémon that is only going to be found in the Wild Area. Usually, Goomy can be found at the Lake of Outrage. However, you’re going to need a specific set of circumstances, and luck, if you’re looking to capture Goomy.

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The Pokémon will only appear in rainy weather, and that’s only at a 2% rate. Don’t lose patience, as those are some pretty low odds. However, if you’d rather not wait that long, you can also try and find it through Max Raid Battles. Goomy can appear in Max Raid Battles in Axew’s Eye and Rolling Fields. Your chances might be better going down this route as its evolutions can appear in Max Raid Battles in the same areas.

Evolving Goomy

Fully evolving Goomy is a long process, as it will only evolve into its middle evolution, Sliggoo, once it reaches level 40. From there, you’ll want to level Sliggoo up to level 50 in the rain, which will result in Sliggoo evolving into the incredibly powerful Goodra.

Unfortunately, it has no sort of special Gigantamax, Goodra can only Dynamax. However, even without a Gigantamax you’re in good shape, because Goodra is an incredibly powerful Pokémon on its own.

In Battle

Goodra has some terrific bulk when it comes to special defense, and it can carry out a hefty special attack as well. Draco Meteor is easily going to be Goodra’s best move, but giving it some coverage with moves like Earthquake isn’t a bad idea, either. Goodra’s physical defense leaves something to be desired, but overall, Goodra is an excellent Pokémon to add to your team. Due to its all-around high stats, Goodra can fit almost any role in your party that you’re looking to fill.

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