PS5 and PS4 games aren’t working online after new system update

Something has gone wrong with today’s PS4 and PS5 update, with games that require PS Plus for multiplayer no longer connecting online.

Today’s PlayStation 4 and 5 update was meant to be a minor one, adding a few interface changes to Game Base and Trophy cards, and things like support for mono audio headphones. Unfortunately though it seems to stopped every paid-for game from working online.

We’ve just tried a few games ourselves and Fortnite is fine, but it doesn’t need a PS Plus subscription to play online. Most paid-for games do though, and we couldn’t log in to either Elden Ring or Returnal.

Elden Ring specifically said it couldn’t find an active PS Plus subscription, even though we have one, and that’s what’s been reported by others as the root of the problem.

Social media is alive with complaints that games including FIFA, Call Of Duty, GTA Online, and Battlefield are not working, although at time of writing Sony hasn’t commented on the issue publicly.

They’re usually pretty quick about such things but the odd nature of the problem makes it hard to guess how long it might take to fix.

According to Sony’s own patch notes the update had nothing to do with PS Plus directly. The PS App and PS Remote mobile app did receive some tweaks, but only things like a dark mode and new Screen Reader languages.

By coincidence Elden Ring also got an update today, which caused the game to be offline for an hour this morning.

No-one’s reported any issued beyond the general problems with PS Plus, but again it was only meant to be a fairly minor update, that fixed a bug with Nepheli Loux’s questline, one related to Bestial Sanctum, and another that stopped the Ash of War Endure from working.

The final fix stops players teleporting others to ‘incorrect map coordinates’. This isn’t elaborated on, but it could be an attempt to stop hackers from targeting other players and ruining their game saves, which has becoming increasing common with the PC version.

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