PS5 livestream due tomorrow as Sony breaks next gen silence

After months of saying almost nothing about the PlayStation 5, Sony is promising to reveal all about its system architecture this week.

Just a day after Microsoft revealed the full technical specifications of the Xbox Series X, Sony has announced that it will host a major livestream event tomorrow about the PlayStation 5.

The livestream will take place on Wednesday, 18 March at 4pm GMT and will be hosted by lead system architect Mark Cerny and… that’s about all we know so far.

It sounds like it’s going to focus purely on the PlayStation 5’s technical features though, so probably no games and not the equivalent of the reveal event that fans kept expecting this spring but never got announced (and now certainly won’t, thanks to the coronavirus).

Especially as Sony is believed to have done exactly that before with their announcements at E3 and even implied they were waiting to see what happens with the Xbox Series X when it comes to its price.

Despite recent speculation that both consoles will be delayed into next year, neither Microsoft or Sony has given any hint at that and these two announcements suggest everything is still scheduled for a launch late this year.

When we’ll find out about next gen games though remains a mystery, although the best guess is sometime around June, when Microsoft was planning a major reveal event at E3.

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