Quantic Dream Is Reportedly Working On A Dark Sorcerer Game Alongside Star Wars: Eclipse

We can only wait and wonder how Quantic Dream's take on the Star Wars universe will turn out. Unfortunately, it's going to be quite a long wait according to industry insiders – maybe till 2027. However, it seems like the devs won't be twiddling their thumbs till then, as they're reportedly working on another game at the same time, based on The Dark Sorcerer.

Back at E3 2013, Quantic Dream revealed a short video as a prototype running in real time on the PS4. At the time, they made it clear that it was not from a title under development. Eight years later though, insider @AccNgT has claimed that a AAA game based on the concept is under development by the studio's core Paris team.

The title reportedly will be humour based, much like the 2013 demo, which revealed that the Dark Sorcerer is actually an actor who got his first ever job as a character in a video game. However, what appear as bugs and glitches in video games to us are experienced by him in reality.

It will also apparently be "more advanced" than Star Wars: Eclipse. We're not sure what that exactly means, but it probably has to do with the game engine. The title might also support cross-gen, but that's up for debate due to Quantic Dream's "new strategy". Lastly, it will be coming to PC as well.

@AccNgT has been a reliable source on things related to the studio in the past. It was they who revealed images of Star Wars: Eclipse a few days before the official announcement at The Game Awards.

Unfortunately for the studio, it appears that Eclipse has been facing developmental problems since the start. The project reportedly started in 2013 and was supposed to be a "massive multi-planetary space title where the player would explore the far-fetched reaches of the galaxy." Unfortunately Sony rejected the idea in favour of Detroit: Become Human as it felt that Eclipse was too ambitious for the studio just yet. When the project finally did kick off again, there were issues with the game engine. It was originally designed for confined spaces with a small number of NPCs and wasn't compatible with Quantic Dream's vision of the game.

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