Ravenous Devils: Beginner Tips Guide

Those with nerves of steel and cast-iron stomachs will find much to love in Bad Vice's narrative-driven cooking simulator, Ravenous Devils. Based on the legend of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, it's a restaurant management game with a grisly (yet delicious) twist.

Before snatching up the fabric scissors and tending to your customers/victims, check out these vital tips to give Hildred and Percival's humble family business an arm and a leg up on their way to tailor-made infamy.

This game is very gory. If violence and bodily fluids make you queasy, perhaps give it a miss.

Best Upgrades In Ravenous Devils For Beginners

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served ASAP:

In Ravenous Devils, patience is a virtue and a rarity. Keep an eye on your patrons' patience meters above their heads: green means they are content, yellow means they are growing fidgety, and red is a clear sign that you have a handful of seconds to serve their meal or item of clothing before they leave in a huff. Too many bad reviews from displeased customers will lose you reputation points and, subsequently, future business. You can purchase decoration upgrades such as potted plants to slow the erosion of these meters by improving the environment of your café.

Down The Hatch:

Customers can't get angry about their order taking too long if they can't remember what they ordered! Purchase the Gin upgrade to buy Hildred some time while Percival sources the meat. It might seem like extra effort at first, but serving gin to an impatient table will fully reset their patience meter to green. Phew.

Youth Hostile:

Should you require a living pair of extra hands for stocking displays and waiting tables, you will be able to hire someone to help in the café. With a £70 price tag, your trainee waiter doesn't come cheap – but consider it a small price to pay to wash your hands of customer service for good, and serve up the customers instead.

Standing Room Only:

Don't buy tables too early on! Seated patrons have far less patience and won't take kindly to a growling belly! Get familiar with the pace of the game first, and, if you have enough money, try hiring the restaurant assistant as (or just after) you add tables.

You can queue actions for both Percival and Hildred if you're nimble enough, timing it so that you click on their next task just as soon as they start work on their current one.

Wurst Vacation:

Purchasing the sausage-stuffer once you have mastered the meat grinder will give you even more recipes to work with, from pork pasties to sausages and more.

The Secret Garden:

Percival isn't just a pretty pair of scissors – he has a green thumb to boot. You can unlock his rooftop garden by purchasing the individual vegetable upgrades, allowing him to grow fresh produce for Hildred's ever-growing recipe book. Just be sure to save a corpse or two for the fertilizer composting tub, as the veggies won't sprout without it!

The Devil Wears Stolen Prada:

Purchase the extra pieces of fabric upgrade to give Percival more material to work with in his shop, and throw in some extra mannequins whilst you're at it.

Assault & Cattery:

Midway through the game, you will be able to purchase a cute kitchen cat to snuggle and play with after a long day of chopping up the neighbors. Your furry friend will even bring you fresh rats as a thank you for looking after them. These, er, gifts can be popped into the oven and served to customers for a quick and tasty snack to tide over the takeaway patrons until your meat pies have crisped up. What's a spot of plague between friends, anyway?

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