Rogue-Platformer ScourgeBringer Launches For PS4, PS Vita On April 22

According to publisher Dear Villagers and developer Flying Oak Games, ScourgeBringer will launch for PS4 and PS Vita on April 22. The fast-paced rogue-platformer first launched for Xbox One, Switch, and PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam in October 2020 after an Early Access launch in February 2020.

“The story follows hero Kyhra, who is sent away to uncover the secrets of an Eldritch monolith which is threatening to destroy her world. Armed with her trusty combat drone, she must shoot and slash her way through the infinite depths of an ever-changing dungeon, where gigantic bosses, ancient machines, strange ghosts and untold secrets from previous explorers await. There is no backtracking, as the game’s structure follows a procedural combination of pre-built challenge rooms, not unlike the Binding of Isaac,” the publisher says.

The PS4 version will be released digitally and as a 500-print run standard physical edition by Pix’n Love Publishing, while the PS Vita version will be released digitally and as a physical edition distributed by Eastasiasoft via Play-Asia.

Flying Oak Games, based in France, is a two-person team, comprised of Thomas Altenburger and Florian Hurtaut, known for games like NeuroVoider, Dead End, and Hoy. The company has also collaborated with several other studios to develop and port their games to consoles.

In an interview with PS4Blog, Altenburger said in regards to ScourgeBringer, “We spent almost a year working on the game feel alone with the intent to make you feel powerful and in full control of your character at any time. It’s a very arcade-y game, with very immediate fun and a story that develops with little chitchat. Compared to other roguelites, it’s a more streamlined game, focused on the action and your skill rather than grinding items and permanent buffs.”

Dear Villagers, a subsidiary of Plug In Digital, one of the largest indie video game distributors, has also published The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos, Edge of Eternity, Dead In Vinland and OSM: Old School Musical. Its forthcoming releases include Revita, Ashwalkers, The Forgotten City and Recompile.

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