Rune Factory 4 Special: Complete Guide To Medicine

Just as you can craft your own equipment and cook your own meals, you can also mix up your own medicine in Rune Factory 4. In fact, with the Chemistry Set you can be so self-reliant that you even make up special fertilizers for all of your farming needs.

It won't be far into the game that you start making your own supplies and improving your chemistry skill. Not only will this help you survive on your perilous journeys outside Selphia, but it can even be quite the handy money-making strategy!

Chemistry Basics

Once you have acquired the appropriate license via an order, you can purchase Chemistry Labs from either Jones or Nancy when they are working at the clinic. This will cost you some gold, some lumber, and some material stone.

Once you have the Chemistry Set installed you can start making restorative items, farming items, cooking ingredients, and eventually even stat boosters. The recipes for these items are listed in the tables below. When an ingredient is listed in italics, that means you can use any item of that ingredient's category.

When using the Chemistry Set, you will use Rune Points (RP) whenever you attempt a recipe. If the item's level is higher than your chemistry level, it will cost more RP to attempt to make it and there is a chance the attempt could outright fail – this will leave you with an Object X, a mysterious item that can be surprisingly useful.

You can learn recipes in-game by consuming Medicine Bread bought from Porcoline or acquired from festivals. Alternatively, you could follow the recipes listed in this guide by selecting the "Do not use recipe" option, though it costs considerably more RP the first time you make something this way.

Restorative Items

Item Level Recipe
Recovery Potion 3 Medicinal Herb, Green Grass
Roundoff 13 Black Grass, Black Grass
Recovery Potion 15 Blue Grass
Para-Gone 18 Indigo Grass, Indigo Grass
Healing Potion 20 Medicinal Herb, Red Grass
Cold Medicine 22 Orange Grass, Toyherb
Antidote Potion 25 Antidote Grass, Toyherb
Roundoff 28 Moondrop
Para-Gone 31 Pink Cat
Cold Medicine 32 Charm Blue
Mystery Potion 33 Medicinal Herb, White Grass
Antidote Potion 38 Cherry Grass
Healing Potion 40 Pom-Pom Grass
Magical Potion 45 Medicinal Herb, Elli Leaves
Formuade 46 Heavy Spice, Lamp Grass, Ironleaf, Powders and Spores, Liquids
Mystery Potion 60 Autumn Grass
Formuade 65 Hot-Hot Fruit
Magical Potion 70 Fireflower
Invinciroid 76 Noel Grass, Emery Flower, Autumn Grass, Hot-Hot Fruit, Formuade
Invinciroid 86 Giant Hot-Hot Fruit, Formuade
Love Potion 87 Emery Flower, Pink Melon, Strawberry, Honey, Hot-Hot Fruit, Grape Liqueur
Love Potion 97 Great Emery Flower

Cooking Items

Item Level Ingredients
Sweet Powder 5 Apple
Sour Drop 7 Orange
Mixed Herbs 8 Green Grass, Toyherb
Heavy Spice 10 Purple Grass

Farming Items

Item Level Recipe
No Rot α 26 Withered Grass, Toyherb
Formula A 29 Withered Grass, Blue Grass, Black Grass
Wettable Powder 30 Charm Blue, Cherry Grass
Greenifier 34 Withered Grass, Indigo Grass, Moondrop Flower
Formula B 41 Yellow Grass, Pink Cat, 4-Leaf Clover
No Rot ß 50 Withered Grass, Red Grass, 4-Leaf Clover
Minimizer 53 Ironleaf
Giantizer 57 Lamp Grass
Greenifier+ 64 Withered Grass, Orange Grass, Corn
Formula C 72 White Grass, Fireflower, Corn

Stat Boosters

Item Level Recipe
The Protein 80 Red Crystal, Red Crystal, Spinach, Powders and Spores, Liquids
Intelligencer 82 White Crystal, White Crystal, Eggplant, Powders and Spores, Liquids
Vital Gummi 83 Blue Crystal, Blue Crystal, Bok Choy, Powders and Spores, Liquids
Heart Drink 85 Green Crystal, Green Crystal, Ironleaf, Powders and Spores, Liquids
The Protein 90 Big Red Crystal
Intelligencer 92 Big White Crystal
Vital Gummi 93 Big Blue Crystal
Heart Drink 95 Big Green Crystal
Leveliser 96 Emery Flower, 4-Leaf Clover, Noel Grass, Autumn Grass, Fireflower, Hot-Hot Fruit
Leveliser 99 Great Emery Flower, Great 4-Leaf Clover

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