Runescape, Shadow Warrior Devs Team Up For New Sci-Fi Action RPG

RuneScape developer Jagex and Shadow Warrior creator Flying Wild Hog have announced they are teaming up to put together a brand-new game that is expected to drop sometime next year.

A name, intended launch platforms, and other details about this project are still under wraps. However, Jagex took to Twitter to confirm the collaboration, saying the game is an “all-new multiplayer sci-fi action-RPG.”

In a brief blog post that accompanied the announcement, Jagex confirmed that whatever this upcoming game is will have planned open and closed betas before the full release. This project is also the first game signed to Jagex’s third-party publishing division, Jagex Partners, and will be a “multi-format living game.”

Despite details being scarce right now, Jagex shared a blog post specifying what engine the game will run on.

“The new game–built using Unreal Engine 4–will deliver a rich, deep, connected and [customizable] multiplayer action-RPG gaming experience of high adventure and explosive action set in a sci-fi universe.”

Though widely known for RuneScape, Jagex has developed and published several other games since RuneScape’s initial release. The last project, aside from persistent RuneScape updates, was a card-based version called Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. The game allowed players to create their own adventures using cards and characters from the main RuneScape game. The servers shut down in August 2018.

Flying Wild Hog is currently working on Shadow Warrior 3, the latest installment to the long-standing Shadow Warrior series. Slated to drop in 2021, Shadow Warrior 3 adds new gameplay elements like a grappling hook, more traversal mechanics, and wildly grotesque monsters to fight, among other things.

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