Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Where To Find All Explorer Backpacks And Archivist Maps

In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Lara Croft can collect Explorer Backpacks and Archivist Maps to reveal other collectibles on the world map. These collectibles are hidden all over the game and can be challenging to discover on your own. This guide will mark every Archivist Map and Explorer Backpacks location and help you find the trickier ones with a more detailed breakdown of their exact locations.

There are two things to keep in mind while you search for Backpacks and Maps. The first is that some are missable in the early game. Second, some require starting tomb and crypt sidequests. Finding every Backpack and Map will make finding every other collectible a lot easier. These map markers are helpful if you want to get the achievement of finding 100 percent of the collectibles in the game.


There is one Archivist Map and one Explorer Backpack in the Cozumel area. These two items are missable, and you will not be able to backtrack to these collectibles in this portion of the game later. Make sure you find every collectible before continuing.

Archivist Map #1

The first Archivist Map is the temple that you explore after you follow Dominguez. Its location is on the game map above.

You can spot the Archivist Map sitting on a stone table near the map location.

Explorer Backpack #1

The first Explorer Backpack is tricky to find because it is hidden. You will enter the main chamber of the temple and will have to use the hanging bells to climb over to the temple.

There will be a point where Lara has to use her bow to make a line to cross over a large gap. Once she crosses the rope line, turn around and drop down the ledge to climb onto the rock climbing surface.

From the rock climbing surface, rappel down and create a swing to reach the ledge below. Jump to the hidden ledge.

There you will find an Explorer Backpack beside a skeleton.

Peruvian Jungle

There are two Archivist Maps and two Explorer Backpacks in the Peruvian Jungle. You can return to the Jungle via Fast Travel, but you can collect all of these items while you go through the main story. The order of these collectibles is in line with the progression of the story.

Archivist Map #2

This first Archivist Map is in the first open area that you stumble across after the plane crash. To the northwest of this area is a crypt, enter it and solve its puzzle.

There will be a section where the path splits. Once you have both doors open and are about to leave the crypt, go back through the right door.

On the left wall will be a small opening that Lara can climb through to enter a secret room.

The Archivist Map is on a table inside the room.

Explorer Backpack #2

The next Backpack is in the area just south of the last map location. Here you will find the carcass of a plane crash on top of a natural rock pillar. Instead of going up towards the plane, head into the water below.

Swim around the rocks to find a small cave.

Inside the cave is another Backpack.

Explorer Backpack #3

This next Backpack is inside a tomb. As you make your way towards the vault, keep an eye out along the path for a small outcrop to the left.

You will find this Backpack near a skeleton on the path towards the entrance of the tomb.

Archivist Map #3

This Archivist Map is inside a shed at this map location. You will stumble across this location on your way to Kuwaq Yaku.

Go inside the shed and pick up the Archivist Map.

Kuwaq Yaku

There are three Archivist Maps and two Explorer Backpacks in Kuwaq Yaku. You can collect these in any order you prefer.

Archivist Map #4

Go to the crypt near the town and stop once you burn down the blockade in front of it.

Enter the room where you had to burn down the debris in front of the entrance. The Archivist Map is on a table in this room.

Archivist Map #5

In the town, go to the hut at this location.

Inside the hut, you will find another Archivist Map.

Explorer Backpack #4

Swim across the lake south of the town to a small beach at this map location.

The Backpack is on the beach.

Explorer Backpack #5

The next Backpack is near the entrance of the tomb northeast of the town. Go to this map location.

The Backpack is sitting by a wall.

Archivist Map #6

Just past the Temple of Life base camp, in the excavation tunnels, will be another Archivist Map. This location is north of the town.

The Archivist Map is on a makeshift table here.

Trial Of The Eagle

There are no Archivist Maps or Backpacks in the Trial of the Eagle. That said, there is one document, two monuments, and one cache for you to collect here. Make sure you find these items before you leave.

The Hidden City (Part One)

There are seven Archivist Maps and six Explorer Backpacks scattered through The Hidden City. The order of these collectibles is in the order that you can find them in the main story. That is also why The Hidden City has two parts in this guide.

Archivist Map #7

Go to the zone northwest of Paititi (The Hidden City).

Use your bow and arrow to create a climbing rope to the second level of the building where the Archivist Map is.

Once you get to this upper area, you will find the Archivist Map on top of a box.

Explorer Backpack #6

Go into the Wolves den in the northern part of this same area. Kill all the wolves.

The Backpack is near a rock pillar in the den.

Archivist Map #8

To get to this location, you will need to do a bit of climbing.

First, make your way up to this ledge with the rope anchor.

Use your bow to create a rope line up to the crypt.

Make your way through the crypt. Go through the part where you swim underwater to get to the end chamber. When you resurface, look for the map near a skeleton.

Explorer Backpack #7

Go to the location above, which is in the open area west of Paititi.

Pick up the Backpack on the ground.

Archivist Map #9

Enter the crypt near the waterfall here.

Climb up the tree and the cliff to get to the crypt entrance.

Make your way through the crypt until you get to the area marked above in the jungle.

Pick up the Archivist Map off a table inside the crypt.

Explorer Backpack #8

Go to this area of Paititi near the water.

You will find the Backpack hidden in a corner over there.

Explorer Backpack #9

Go to this location in Paititi.

Pick up the Backpack hiding near some plants.

Archivist Map #10

Go into the house at this location in Paititi.

Inside the house, the Archivist Map is on a table with some food on it.

Explorer Backpack #10

To get to this Explorer Backpack, you must first go to the base camp near the market.

Look for this large tree near the base camp, then go into the house behind it.

The Backpack is at the end of a tunnel inside this house.

Archivist Map #11

Go through the challenge tomb to find this Archivist Map.

You can enter the tomb through the water well inside a nearby house. Swim to the tomb entrance. You will need to solve the mirror puzzle to get to where the Archivist Map is hiding.

Once you get into the chamber after the mirror puzzle, look for the Archivist Map.

Belly of the Serpent

No collectibles.

Head of the Serpent

There is one Mural in this section so make sure you interact with it before you leave.


There is one Archivist Map and one Explorer Backpack in Cenote. They are both in the same area. If you are playing along with the Campaign, you will end up collecting these Archist Maps and Backpacks before you discover every item in The Hidden City.

Archivist Map #12

Once you reach the lake in Cenote, swim to the northern end marked here.

Pick up the Archivist Map.

Explorer’s Backpack #11

Now swim to the opposite end at the southern side of the lake, as marked above.

Pick up the Explorer’s Backpack.

The Hidden City (Part Two)

You will return to The Hidden City after you complete the mission in Cenote. Once you get the disguise to sneak past the guards, you can access the other half of the city.

Archivist Map #13

In the main square, go to the northeast corner. There will be a small window you can jump through to enter a secret room.

There will be a map on the floor of this room.

Explorer Backpack #12

When you go to save the Queen of Paititi from her prison cell (or you come back later), you can find the Explorer’s Backpack on the island that connects the city to prison.

The Backpack is on a ledge below the main path.

Archivist Map #14

Backtrack to the prison using the bridge.

In the room that the bridge leads into is another Archivist Map.

The Mountain Temple

No collectibles.

Porvenir Oil Fields

There is one Archivist Map in the Porvenir Oil Fields.

Archivist Map #15

Go to this location in the Porvenir Oil Fields.

The Archivist Map is sitting on an old oil drum.

Mission Of San Juan

There are four Archivist Maps and three Explorer Backpacks in the Mission of San Juan. You can collect these in any order as soon as you arrive.

Explorer Backpack #13

This one is easy to find. First, go to the location marked above.

The Backpack is hiding in a corner.

Archivist Map #16

This Archivist Map is also easy to spot, and again, go to the location marked above.

Look in the corner on the ground to spot this Archivist Map.

Archivist Map #17

Like the last Archivist Map (#16), make your way to this location and look in the corner.

The Archivist Map is on the ground.

Explorer Backpack #14

You will need to swim in the river to find the beach where this Backpack is hiding. Go to the coordinates noted in the game map above.

The Backpack is sitting on the beach.

Archivist Map #18

This Archivist Map is tricky to find because it is in a hidden cave. Furthermore, the entrance has burnable debris in front of it.

To get the map, follow the path going from the town into the jungle area marked on the map. The route you need to take is the one that continues past the rope line river crossing. Once you spot the cave entrance, use a flaming arrow to burn down the blockade.

Once you are inside the cave, you will spot the Archivist Map on a wooden box.

Archivist Map #19

The last Archivist Map is near the tomb at the southern end of the Mission of San Juan area. Stop once you find the base camp because the Archivist Map is nearby.

Look in the corner near the base camp to find this Archivist Map.

Explorer Backpack #15

The last Explorer Backpack is just a little bit further into the tomb. Right before you go into the main entrance, turn around.

The Backpack is near a wall facing the tomb entrance.

City Of The Serpent

No Collectibles.

That is every Archivist Map and Explorer Backpack in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. You can now see every single collectible on your game map.

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