Skyrim: Jumping Off Bard’s Leap Summit Reveals Ghost Who Gives You Speech Skill Boost

Almost a decade after its release, Skyrim players are still sharing weird and wonderful things about the game and this new find is just as cool. Jumping off Bard’s Leap Summit in Skyrim will reward the player with a lovely song and a speech skill boost.

Redditor PrincessPeachyKeenX shared a new post on the Skyrim subreddit yesterday which shows a photo of a ghostly NPC named Azzadal. According to the title of the post, if you leap off Bard’s Leap Summit into the pool without dying, the ghost of Azzadal will appear and play you a song on his lute, which will then reward you a speech skill boost.

The screenshot of Azzadal features dialogue from the mysterious character that says, “I once performed the entirety of the Poetic Edda from atop Bard’s Leap before trying my luck… Well, you can see how that turned out.” Poor Azzadal.

Reddit users in the comment section of the post pointed out some interesting details about this specific find. The Poetic Edda which Azzadal talks about is a real book containing Old Norse poems, and if you look hard enough you may be able to find the NPC’s skeleton remains under the water.

In other Elder Scrolls news, a co-op Skyrim board game is being crowdfunded. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will be given a tabletop spin-off thanks to publisher Modiphius Games, the publisher responsible for the Fallout and other Elder Scrolls miniature tabletop games. Bethesda and Modiphius have started a crowdfunder on Gamefound, a platform designed specifically to help fund tabletop games.

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