Sonic Adventure 2 Mod Ports Sonic 06’s Wave Ocean With Stunning Results

Sonic Adventure 2 was a decent swansong for the Dreamcast since it was the last Sonic the Hedgehog title for Sega's final home console. Sonic 06 meanwhile was intended as a reboot for the series, launching on Xbox 360 and PS3, but it was not very well received. However, since it launched five years after SA2 and on more powerful hardware than the Dreamcast it did have better graphics and larger levels.

So it's pretty impressive that someone has managed to mod one of Sonic 06's better stages, Wave Ocean, into Sonic Adventure 2. The mod comes courtesy of DEXTERITY, the creator of Modern Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Solaris Project, among other SA2 mods, that updates the game to more modern standards. But what the modder has done in bringing Wave Ocean to Sonic Adventure 2 should be seen.

On their YouTube channel, we can see how the modder has put Wave Ocean into their Sonic Adventure 2: Solaris Project. The gameplay looks pretty smooth as Sonic moves with his signature speed and dashes around the islands that make up this stage. Watch out for the water though as falling into H20 means instant death for the blue blur. Check out it below:

DEXTERITY says Wave Ocean v2 has been an update that's been "2 years (inconsistently) in the making". The mod features a new grass effect, vertex paint, time of day, textures, among its visual upgrades. It also features an easter egg hunt "for a special someone" and a hard mode. For those looking to give it a whirl the modder has some advice to use the mods shown at the start of the above video for the "complete look" and that higher draw distance needs to be enabled. Those using lower powered systems might find performance lagging, they warn.

Overall, it's always impressive to see what can be achieved among the modding community and to see Sonic Adventure 2 looking this good in 2022 is a commendable feat.

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