Sonic Lost World Zelda DLC Restoration Releasing Next Month

Sonic Frontiers isn't due out until later this year, but fans looking for their first crack at a more open-world Sonic game might want to give this Sonic Lost World mod a try.

Sonic Lost World was originally released for the Wii U and 3DS way back in 2013, but a lesser-known PC port was made in 2015. The game featured the same Wisp power-ups from Sonic Colors and a new largely cylindrical level design. It also added new parkour mechanics that are finally being fully realized in "The Legend of Zelda DLC Restoration" mod.

Courtesy of Hungarian programmer @DeaThProj, The Legend of Zelda DLC Restoration adds a brand new Zelda-inspired level to Sonic Lost World. Unlike the rest of Lost World's levels, Zelda DLC Restoration is totally flat and features a more open-world concept (except for the bonus level, which is played from the interior of a cylinder).

Sonic puts on a Link costume for the mod, and instead of collecting rings, he collects rupees. Those parkour moves become a real game-changer, allowing Sonic to scale walls and run around cliff sides that would have stopped Link dead in his tracks.

Originally set for Q1 2022, @DeaThProj has just narrowed the release window for The Legend of Zelda DLC Restoration to sometime next month. As this is a mod, you'll need Sonic Lost World on PC to experience The Legend of Zelda as the blue blur.

And you might even like it over Sonic Frontiers. Fans are debating whether the Sonic Forces version of the fastest hedgehog alive was the right call, with some calling for a redesign along the same lines as the Sonic movies.

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