Sony is hiding a cheaper way to get Horizon Forbidden West on PS5

Sony is still allowing people to buy the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West for full price, even though it’s £10 less with a PS4 upgrade.

Horizon Forbidden West is out next week and as with most first party PlayStation 5 games it costs £69.99 on the PlayStation Store… except you can actually get it for £59.99 if you buy the PlayStation 4 version and take advantage of the free upgrade.

This has been known for a while but despite updating the listings for the game today, it’s still impossible for PlayStation 5 owners to buy the cheaper version from their console and you can only get it via the browser version of the PlayStation Store (or a PlayStation 4).

The only place the upgrade is acknowledged is down in the small print, where it says, ‘Buy the Horizon Forbidden West digital version for PS4 from PlayStation Store to get the Horizon Forbidden West digital version for PS5 at no extra cost’.

In other words, there’s absolutely no point in buying the PlayStation 5 version of the game digitally, because it’s cheaper to buy the PlayStation 4 version and take advantage of the free upgrade.

Sony is not making this clear though and indeed it is purposefully hiding the fact by not listing the PlayStation 4 version of the game on the PlayStation 5 console store.

This whole mess came about because Sony’s standard policy is that cross-gen upgrades cost £10, except for ‘launch window’ titles.

Horizon Forbidden West was supposed to be within the launch window but after it was delayed that was no longer the case, so, after fan complaints, Sony made a special case for it.

However, by not removing the option to buy the game for £69.99 it means that anyone that doesn’t know about all this are going to be charged £10 extra for no reason.

Hiding the cheaper PlayStation 4 version does seem entirely purposefully too, as you can see and buy PlayStation 4 predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn from a PlayStation 5 console without any trouble.

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