Sony Quietly Removes Release Dates From CES 2021 Trailer

Sony was a standout at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It showed off its “Future of Entertainment”, which included new audio, visual, and gaming technologies. Of course, one of the focus points was the recently-released PlayStation 5. In discussing the system, Sony released a new trailer that highlighted some already released games and previewed games to come. Shortly after, Sony uploaded the trailer to its YouTube channel and many fans noticed that the trailer included new release dates for many of the titles. Well, looks like that may have been a mistake as Sony has removed the release dates from the trailer.

The original trailer that Sony uploaded contained a screen with some small print listing the release dates for many of the games that were shown. While some of the releases were known, like Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart arriving sometime this year and Kena: Bridge of Spirits getting a Spring (March 2021) release, some of the release dates were a surprise.

According to the trailer, Capcom’s upcoming space-themed Pragmata has been pushed to 2023, having previously been expected in 2022. Also, the mysterious Project Athia from Square Enix was given a January 2022 release. Other games and dates listed in the trailer were Returnal launching March 19th, Solar Ash dropping in June, Little Devil Inside coming in July, and both Stray and Ghostwire: Tokyo set for October releases.

However, now the trailer is missing all of that information. Looks like Sony re-uploaded the trailer to remove the release dates. Most likely, that information was not meant to be released to the public just yet. Which makes sense as the news was released so subtly and without the fanfare that release dates tend to get. Plus, the fact that Sony re-uploaded the trailer and took the information out without making any form of announcement or acknowledgment seems to be because it was mistakenly added in the first place.

Only time will tell whether these release dates turn out to be true or not. If they do turn out to be true, then 2021 is shaping up to be a year of great games!

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