Spellbreak: Toxicologist Class Guide

Once you’ve learned the basics of Spellbreak by playing as a Pyromancer or Stoneshaper, consider checking out the Toxicologist class. They’re a bit more challenging to use but offer much more flexibility in playstyle. Crowd-control, damage over time, and surprise attacks are hallmarks of Toxicologists, and they can be a lot of fun in battle – so long as you know how they work.

Toxicologist Class Overview

While not as difficult to learn as Frostborn and Tempest, Toxicologist is a class that requires a bit of nuance. Your primary skill is Toxic Spray, which leaves puddles on the ground that slow and damage your targets. It’s easy to use at close range but is inconsistent when used at a distance. Toxic Clouds will be your Sorcery, an ability that summons a massive poisonous cloud to dominate your opponents. Anyone who walks into the green gas will continue to take damage for five seconds after leaving – they’ll also get the Corrosion status effect which damages their armor.

As you make your way to each new circle, you’ll also earn new passive skills. Here’s what you’ll benefit from as a Toxicologist:

Level 1: Toxic Spray – Leaves toxic puddles on the ground and creates a puddle underneath your targets feet upon contact.

Level 2: Vanishing Mists – Immune to squad’s Toxic Clouds. Enter your Toxic Clouds to dash forward and become invisible for three seconds.

Level 3: Outbreak – Toxic Spray damage increased by 75% while invisible.

Level 4: Spreading Sickness – Two clouds added to your Toxic Cloud ability.

Best Secondary Gauntlets

Many Toxicologists like to run with a Fire Gauntlet as their secondary. Doing this will allow you to take advantage of the powerful Toxic Cloud + Fireball combo, which turns the poisonous gas into a deadly inferno. Fire Gauntlets are also a bit more reliable in mid-range encounters, so you’ll be able to hold your own while trying to close the gap.

You can also opt for Wind or Frost Gauntlets to become a deadly at a distance. These two gauntlets offer great long range capabilities, letting you chip away at your opponent’s health before going in for the kill. Both of the above Gauntlets are difficult to master, so make sure you know what you’re doing before sliding them onto your hand.

Best Runes & Talents

Invisibility is among the favorite Runes for Toxicologists. Upon reaching Level 3, your Toxic Spray will deal increased damage while invisible – it’s in your best interest to take advantage of that perk. Teleport is also useful for quickly moving in on an unsuspecting foe.

As far as Talents go, try running with these:

Mind: Runic Fluency – Increases max Rune charge by one. Useful to quickly become invisible twice (while using the Invisibility Rune) and continue dealing increased damage.

Body: Scavenging – Restore a portion of your Health and Armor upon exiling an opponent.

Spirit: Vital Stone – Revive with a bit of Health after being disrupted.

Best Combination Attacks

Toxicologists share several great combination attacks with other classes. Here are a few of the most powerful at your disposal:

Toxic Cloud + Fireball: Create a poisonous inferno that deals increased damage to nearby foes.

Toxic Cloud + Lightning Bolt: Shock nearby players, dealing damage and stopping them from performing attacks for a short duration.

Toxic Puddle + Lightning Bolt: Like Toxic Clouds, Toxic Puddles can also be electrified to shock and deal extra damage to opponents.

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