Spider-Man Dev Wants To Remaster The Original PS1 Game

When you hear the words Spider-Man and game in the same sentence in 2022, Insomniac's PlayStation exclusives are likely what pop into most people's heads. However, for the longest time, NeverSoft was the industry leader when it came to Spidey games. The studio was responsible for creating the iconic Spider-Man games that launched in conjunction with Sam Raimi's movies, and odds are a lot of people who played them would love to see the titles get remastered.

If you're one of those people, then you're not alone. GamingBible recently caught up with the original Spider-Man game's lead designer Chad Findley. When asked if he would be up for working on a remaster of the very first Spider-Man on PS1, the answer was a resounding yes, though the former NeverSoft designer was quick to highlight the copious amounts of red tape that would be tied up in such a project.

“I absolutely would do it… I love Spider-Man. It was such a great, nerdy character with stories that always have positive messages and themes while also still being exciting and fun. Stuff we need these days,” Findley said. That first game was a big hit, especially when coupled with the popularity of the first Spider-Man movie. It was also the first example of Spider-Man being the exception to the rule in terms of video game movies, and successfully turning a superhero's story into a game.

As for that red tape, there is almost definitely a lot of it. As mentioned above, Insomniac currently has the rights to the Spider-Man games. Well, actually Sony does, one of the reasons why Insomniac's offerings are PlayStation exclusives. NeverSoft worked under Activision when developing Spider-Man for PS1, and Activision is now owned by Microsoft. This short overview alone is enough to give anyone trying to navigate the Spider-Man PS1 remaster waters a headache.

On the bright side, there is plenty more to come from Insomniac when it comes to Spidey games. The studio has already revealed a teaser for Spider-Man 2 which is still on track to be here by 2023. It's also working on a Wolverine game, and even though the X-Men character isn't owned by Sony, Insomniac's other Marvel game will also be a PS5 exclusive since the studio is owned by PlayStation.

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