Spot the Crown Jubilee puzzle: Can you solve the mystery in less than 5 minutes?

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If you’ve gone slightly overboard on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and require a little break, then why not relax and check out this latest brainteaser. Designed to commemorate the Queen’s 70 years at the helm, the latest Platinum Jubilee puzzle challenges players to spot the hidden crown among the flowers. As you can see from the wallpaper design below, it’s no easy task. Indeed, it takes the average person nearly 5 minutes to solve the puzzle. Can you manage it in less?

“Offering some alternative fun alongside the street parties and celebrations for the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, luxury bedroom specialist French Bedroom has partnered with Sussex-based print designer Elizabeth Ockford to hide a crown in the brand new Windsor Royalcore Wallpaper,” reads the official description.

“Recently launched, the limited edition wallpaper is inspired by regencycore interiors that have been prominent in recent art and culture such as Bridgerton and The Crown.

“Nestled within a floral print which contains roses, lilies and cornflowers as well as ornate scrolls, the crown is evading the eyes of Brits.”

If you’re struggling to find the hidden crown in the image above, then you may want to cast your eyes towards the left side of the design.

If you still can’t spot the hidden crown, the image towards the bottom of the page reveals its location.

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Speaking of Platinum Jubilee puzzles, you can try your hand at another teaser by following this link.

The Platinum Jubilee brainteaser tasks players with spotting which flag has an extra stripe. It sounds easy, but roughly 65% of people aren’t able to solve it!

Posted by Prestigious Textiles, the fabric is available for the June bank holiday celebrations, inspiring themed tablecloths, bunting, cushions and accessories for parties.

Indeed, only 12% of people in the UK are said to have found the extra stripe within 10 minutes, while nearly a quarter (23%) solved the puzzle in under 30 minutes.

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