Talented Baker Recreates Cake From Super Mario 64

There are a variety of ways to show fandom for one’s favorite game, and we’ve seen everything from unique mods to LEGO recreations. Most recently, one Twitter user showed their love of ’90s classic Super Mario 64 by baking the iconic cake from the game.

Super Mario 64 is catalyzed by Mario’s invitation from his beloved Princess Peach to come to her castle to retrieve a cake that she baked for him. What he doesn’t know is that she has also been captured by the evil King Bowser and that he’ll be tasked with rescuing her.

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The game concludes with an end screen that shows the cake initially baked for Mario, which was replicated by Twitter user QTCinderella.

As seen above, the cake shows pretty careful attention to detail, from the golden batter and the white frosting to the strawberries and cherries that decorate the top. Not to mention the power star on top, as well as tiny figurines of Mario and Princess Peach.

Even the “Thank you” text has been replicated accurately on the cake.

In addition to the cake’s accuracy to the original one in Super Mario 64, it also looks mighty tasty. However, it’s so close to the cake from the game that it may be worth preserving just for the sake of observing the Twitter user’s hard work.

Hopefully, this will inspire similar creations.

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