The Best Race Courses In Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is filled with a wide variety of rally tracks, including dirt, snow, and even ice. These tracks are located in various countries of the world, including Brazil, Norway, and China. Given how gorgeous Dirt 5 looks, the scenery also looks absolutely spectacular, and the developers have been able to create tracks that feel in keeping with the landscape of each country.

However, as with any racing game, some tracks are going to be better than others, and whilst some of these might not be the most technical or the most difficult in Dirt 5, they certainly offer some of the most fun moments.

10 Roosevelt Bridge, New York

Ice circuits in Dirt 5 mean one thing: the opportunity for the best drifts in the game. This track in particular doesn't actually take place on the bridge itself; rather, it takes place under the bridge on a frozen Hudson River.

The sight of 12 rally cars sliding all over the river is a great sight to behold, and this circuit in particular also offers a long straight underneath the bridge for you to really let loose. Just remember that slowing down is also much harder.

9 Everest Overlook, Nepal

As can be guessed by the name, this track is located within the Himalayas and is purely snow-based. Everest itself can be seen in the background if you point the camera in the right direction, but for the most part, your attention will be drawn to the race.

The course itself is very wide, has quite a few jumps, and the corners are mostly pretty shallow, so you rarely need to lift off the accelerator (especially in the Cross-Raid or Pre-Runners classes which are amongst the heaviest).

8 Henningsvær, Norway

This track begins in the middle of a small fishing village, and winds its way around the outside area before coming back in for the next lap. It's at a lower altitude compared to some of the other Norwegian courses, but there's still a great view of the mountains and also of the surrounding water.

The track itself is a mixture of tarmac and dirt/snow (depending on the weather), and it's arguably more fun to race during a heavy snowfall because it allows for better slides through the corners.

7 Kalabaka Town Uphill, Greece

This track is effectively a hill climb but as a race, and it's dotted with various drops as you get higher up the mountain. The landscape is beautiful and filled with various ruins from ancient Greek architecture, but you've got to navigate the regular roads before you get to see them.

This is also one of the first race courses you'll tackle in the career mode and has a good mixture of wide and narrow paths, so it serves as good preparation for the races later down the line.

6 Linjiazha Hills, China

This track takes place within the forests of China, and is arguably one of the prettiest locations in the entire game due to how much luscious greenery there is. It's even nicer at night because various sections of the track are lit up with paper lanterns.

Of course, if you want to have some extremely muddy fun, you can make the weather more dynamic and spend a couple of minutes ruining that nice paint job on your car. This isn't called Dirt 5 for nothing.

5 Studalsvatnet, Norway

This track takes place within the frigid snowbanks of Norway's mountains, and is filled with various banked curves and big jumps to help you keep your speed up across the slippery surface. The sight of the mountains all around you is also spectacular.

One of the best factors about this track is that it doesn't matter how dark it gets because the snow reflects the light from the cars, meaning that it's much easier to see at night compared to other tracks which are just pitch black.

4 Ponti Di Vara, Italy

These enormous bridges are located within a large marble quarry, and normally they would be used for railways, but instead, you can drive along the top of two of them as part of this race course.

Following this course around normally instead of reverse means that the bridges are saved until the second half of each lap, with the first half consisting of a winding path beneath the bridges. Getting to the top is certainly worth it for the view alone, so make use of photo mode.

3 Asif Tufnout, Morocco

It can sometimes be tricky to make desert levels interesting in games, but thankfully that's what the rally genre is very good at doing. Asif Tufnout is particularly fun to blast through because it mixes things up as you go along.

The course consists of corners leading through various rock formations, there's a long straight that follows a small river up to various temple ruins, and there's a huge ramp towards the end which gives a brilliant view of the landscape in the distance.

2 The Redeemer, Brazil

This track is a rally cross stage, where the first half consists of driving through dirt and mud, and the second half sees you driving through the roads of Brazil. The main draw of this stage is the scenery, which is arguably pretty enough to compete with some open world games.

The section in the streets is cool too because it offers some of the best drifting spots in the game, and no matter where you are, the statue of Christ the Redeemer is always visible in the background.

1 Colonnata, Italy

This stage is located within another of Colonnata's marble quarries, although this one is more open. This allows for some spectacular views as you wind your way up and down this narrow path full of twists and turns, and that's not all.

Each lap also ends in the best way possible for a racing game, which is via a huge jump across a ravine. This provides some excellent opportunities for photo mode because it's practically impossible to take a bad photo of a scenario like that.

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