The Final Boss In Every Soulsborne Game, Ranked

FromSoft's Soulsborne franchise has become one of the most popular in recent gaming history. Demon's Souls, the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are well-known for their infuriatingly difficult bosses. And with the recent launch of Elden Ring, the streak continues with new additions which require blood, sweat, and tears to defeat.

But when it comes to Soulsborne's final bosses, they never fail to finish the game with a bang. From the First Hunter fighting his last fight against his mentee to the hollowed husk of a deity of sunlight, all great journeys come to an end and the cycle begins anew.

8 Dark Souls 2: Nashandra

Dark Souls 2's Nashandra presents an interesting concept design, but her performance as a final boss is lacklustre. Entirely made out of bones and wielding a razor sharp scythe, Nashandra is your quintessential gothic Victorian villain extraordinaire.

However, there isn't much to be said when it comes to combat. She slices you with her scythe and shoots beams from her hand, as well as dotting the arena with dark orbs that inflict HP damage. Even just being near her can cause Curse buildup. In spite of this, Nashandra's boss fight isn't especially intense or heart-pounding, so it earns it's spot at the bottom of this list.

7 Demon's Souls: The Old One/King Allant

In truth, the final boss could be said to be Old King Allant, as the King Allant you face in the end is nothing but a corrupted husk of his former self. Garbed in full regalia, Old King Allant commands elemental powers, hurling projectiles of wind at you, as well as some arcane attacks.

But during the tail end of the game, you venture into The Old One, where you find the sludge that was once King Allant. Despite not being a tough fight, Demon's Souls' final boss fight gives more of an emotional impact than it would if it was just an immensely difficult battle. Seeing a once beloved and glorious ruler brought so low to the point that you can kill it without being hit a single time shows the depths Allant has sunk.

6 Bloodborne: Moon Presence

This boss represents that moment when you pause, turn around with eyes wide and mouth agape, thinking: "Wait, it isn't over?" Well, if you consumed three One Third of Umbilical Cords before fighting Gehrman in Bloodborne, then you will have this extra boss fight to look forward to.

After a brutal fight against Gehrman, The First Hunter, the boss known as Moon Presence descends from the sky, the crimson moon behind it making for a magnificent backdrop for your upcoming clash. With quick, devastating strikes and a red beam that drains you of blood and health, your experiences throughout the game will show that you are mightier than even a Great One.

5 Bloodborne: Gehrman, The First Hunter

Should you refuse Gehrman's offer to leave this decaying dream, then prepare for an intense clash against The First Hunter. In a fight where the unofficial mentor exchanges blows with his battle-hardened mentee, Gehrman definitely displays his chops, showing you just why he is known as The First Hunter.

Intensely aggressive and frighteningly fast, Gehrman has impeccable range and deals massive damage. Without a doubt, this old-timer is certainly a weapons-master, whipping out a gun and trying to pull you in by hooking his scythe around you. Of course, since he's a Hunter, he could perform his own visceral attack on you, as well as one-shot you by dashing up and slicing wicked fast with his blade.

4 Dark Souls: Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder

Lord of Sunlight and vanquisher of the dragons, Gwyn and his family ruled as gods from their seat in Anor Londo, only to sacrifice himself to prevent the Age of Fire from ending. Now he awaits the Chosen Undead at the Kiln of the First Flame, where he first triggered the cycle of sacrifices to keep the Age of Fire going.

When you fight him, there is still a spark of the great warrior Gwyn once was. With a sword wreathed in flame and swinging it in wide arcs, Gwyn's enigmatic theme is now emblematic of the Dark Souls franchise. But as someone who was once a mighty deity, it is certainly quite sad to see that even gods don't want their time in the sun to be over.

3 Dark Souls 3: Soul Of Cinder

As an amalgamation of all the previous individuals who have linked the Flame, Dark Souls 3's Soul of Cinder is the perfect way to end an amazing series. This boss is the jack of all trades, with probably the best weapon ever in gaming, as it has the ability to mutate from a sword or a spear, to a staff.

But when it starts its second phase, there's a palpable shift in the air. You can't help but shed a tear when the Gwyn's theme starts playing, and then when it starts to toss you in the air with its powerful sword arcs that's when you realise you're fighting Gwyn. Seriously, what a way to end a franchise.

2 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Isshin, The Sword Saint

FromSoftware's foray into a mythical feudal Japan resulted in the creation of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, where you play as the samurai, Wolf, who serves to protect Kuro from those who wish to harm him. The road is paved with blood, but eventually, Wolf faces the final boss: Isshin, The Sword Saint.

After emerging from Genichiro in a super freaky way, Isshin wields his abnormally long sword, as you fight him in three phases, with each more difficult than the last. Although the beauty of the boss arena and the lightning that tears through the fields make this a memorable boss fight, the horrific scandal that's currently wreaking havoc through its publisher, Activision-Blizzard, might put you on hold concerning their games at the moment.

1 Elden Ring: Elden Beast

A final boss that resembles an intergalactic alien, Elden Ring's Elden Beast is incomparable in scope. Not only does it have one of the coolest boss arenas in the history of FromSoft games, but its move set is graceful and beautiful, yet deadly.

Armed with an arsenal of devastating AoE attacks, it releases golden flames and shimmering waves of gold from its sword. From sending golden projectiles to turning the entire ground into a deadly golden minefield, the heavenly boss track in the background lets you know you are in the presence of a god. As the embodiment of the Elden Ring, the Elden Beast is visually pleasing and an opponent that keeps you well on your toes. For a final boss, what more can you ask for?

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