The Last Of Us Part 1 Gets A Two Hour Demo As The HBO Show Premieres

HBO's The Last Of Us adaption premiered on Sunday night. If you're new to the story and can't wait seven days for more, or even if you have played the games and were reminded of how great they are via the show, you can now play through the first two hours of The Last Of Us Part 1 without forking over $70 for the full game.

Highlighted by VGC, The Last Of Us Part 1 has been added to the free trials section of PS Plus Premium. Added to the subscription service's demo library on the same day as its adaptation debuted on HBO, the aim is clearly to pull in people who have never played the games but have had their interest piqued by the first episode of the show.

The demos and free trials section of PS Plus is a relatively new feature added when the subscription service was split into tiers last summer. Available only to those who have the Premium tier, the most expensive option, PS trials allow players to try out a premium-priced game for a pre-determined number of hours before having to decide whether it's worth them buying the full version.

The Last Of Us Part 1 is a full remake of the original game that launched last September. The second time the game has been re-released after the original PS3 version was remastered for PS4 in 2014. While many questioned whether a third version of the same game in less than ten years was needed, the stunning visual improvements to it were celebrated after it launched.

As well as the first two hours of Part 1 being free to play for Premium subscribers right now, the remake will be coming to PC in March. As for the show, HBO's adaptation will continue every Sunday night for the next eight weeks. The Last Of Us fans are still busy combing through the first episode, quickly discovering an easter egg about Joel's favorite movie from the games.

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