The Next PS5 Model Reportedly Won’t Have Any "Major Hardware Changes"

We have an update on the long-rumoured PS5 model with a detachable disc drive – and it may be disappointing news for some fans. According to industry insider Tom Henderson, the next PS5 model won't sport any "major hardware changes" from current Sony consoles, suggesting it won't be a beefier version of what's already on the market.

It's also bad news for anyone who picked up the PS5 Digital Edition, but now finds themself missing physical games. According to this update from Henderson, the new PS5's detachable disc drive won't be compatible with current disc-less PS5s, meaning anyone who wants to make the switch from digital will have to buy a new console.

This is only a small update to Henderson's initial claims about the next PS5 model, but it gives us a good idea of what market Sony will be targeting. Since it seems that, performance-wise, it won't be a huge improvement on the current PS5, it's safe to assume that the company is hoping to bring in new customers, rather than have existing fans upgrade.

This definitely coincides with what we've covered already. Previous reports indicate that Sony hopes the smaller PS5 with a detachable drive will bring down production costs, perhaps allowing it to bring console prices down. Furthermore, it was reported that current PS5 models will cease production in October of this year, suggesting this is a replacement, not an upgraded model akin to the PS4 Pro.

Of course, this is all still in rumour territory. Nothing about this new model has been confirmed or denied by Sony, even though – if the reports are to be believed – it will be launching later this year. The industry giant has admittedly hinted that a new PS5 console is on the way though, so it might just be a matter of time before this is all official.

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