The Quarry: A Quote From Each Playable Character That Sums Up Who They Are

The Quarry’s cast of playable characters is one of the greatest highlights of the game. Each character has their own unique personality that sets them apart from the rest, whether they’re witty, confident, shy, nervous, or brave. They fit classic archetypes on the surface but reveal nuanced personality traits as the game goes on.

The nine playable characters share excellent dialogue that authentically represents who they are as individuals and as a group. You may not hear every conversation depending on your playthrough, so here’s a quote from each character that perfectly sums up who they are throughout the plot.

9 Ryan: Herd Of Bears

His brooding and sarcastic personality stays with him throughout the plot. Although he may soften up at times, he consistently stays true to himself from beginning to end.

He also tends to be a bit pedantic, as seen here. Ryan is quick to correct someone like telling Dylan the term is “herd” of bears and not “swarm” of bears, or when Kaitlyn says “aquaphobia” instead of “hydrophobia.”

It can be a little overbearing at times, but he means well, and his high level of trust in himself and his eagerness to defend others is admirable.

8 Dylan: Mortal Danger For The Sake Of His Work Friends

Later in the game, Dylan might make a comment about how he’s risking his life for his work friends. Dylan may seem like comic relief, and he is, but he’s much more than that. Yes, he jokingly refers to them as his work friends, but he genuinely cares about each one of them. Despite the extreme fear and stress that he faces throughout the night, he’ll willingly put himself in harm’s way to protect his fellow counselors. He’s always a reliable friend that will manage to put a smile on your face in even the direst of circumstances.

7 Laura: If I Let My Conscience Slow Me Down

Laura is the closest thing The Quarry has to a main character. She plays a crucial role in the plot and sets the story up for the events to come. She’s incredibly defiant, brave, and caring. And she’ll truly do anything for Max and those that she loves even if it means making difficult decisions.

In this part of the plot, Laura is taking charge, but also showing empathy. She doesn’t want to be on the path she’s on, but her love for Max outweighs her conscience.

6 Kaitlyn: This Is How We're Gonna Do This

Kaitlyn always makes her presence known whether she’s cracking jokes or being brutally honest. She may seem a little blunt early in the game, but you quickly realize she’s the best character to have on your side in a situation like this. She always stands her ground and maintains a sense of order and dominance, and most of all, she’s the most experienced with a rifle.

Kaitlyn takes initiative in every situation and has the most responsible approach to the night ahead, and she displays this every step of the way.

5 Jacob: What Are You Doing?

On the surface, he fits the jock, frat boy archetype that Emma describes as an “acquired taste.” He can be irritating, selfish, and prone to poor decision-making, but he has a sensitive side and a sense of remorse.

When Jacob says this quote, he’s running away from Emma, who he obviously wants to be spending his time with, and toward Abi who he believes to be in trouble. He’s a conflicted character torn between being a jerk and a caring person, and he doesn't seem to really understand why he does the things he does.

4 Nick: Don't Be Gross

Nick is certainly one of the sweetest characters in the game. He’s smart, kind, and easy-going, and though he’ll joke around, he's one of the most genuinely caring characters in the game. While he’s on his walk with Abi, he takes a genuine interest in her, which differs from relationships like Jacob and Emma.

He proves he has a high level of respect for Abi when Jacob questions him about their walk. Nick doesn’t give in to peer pressure and protects Abi’s reputation. This may be interpreted as a nervous lack of experience, but it really just shows how much he cares and what kind of friend or partner he is.

3 Abigail: Mr. Hackett Seemed Pretty Insistent

She’s considered the shy one of the bunch and sometimes comes across as a pushover. Though her meekness remains with her throughout the plot, she’ll speak her mind and stand up for herself when necessary.

Although they’re her friends, Abi deviates from the others when considering the “right” decision. She seeks to avoid trouble and follow the rules, rather than go against the grain. Abi ends up backing down and following the group here, but she still shows that she’s willing to share her opinion.

2 Emma: I'm Just Desperate To Stay Afloat

Similar to Jacob, Emma fits the pretty popular girl archetype. She’s a charismatic influencer and thespian who often puts herself in risky situations that can hurt herself or others. Characters like Abi perceive her to be constantly confident, but while on the island, Emma reveals a more vulnerable side of herself while vlogging.

She confesses that although everyone believes she's an ultra-confident person who has it all together, she struggles just as much as anyone else. And her desire to be different can be detrimental when she puts herself in harm's way for the sake of content. Emma is an outgoing relatable character, serving as a reminder that you never really know what someone is going through, despite how self-assured they may seem.

1 Max: Sometimes Things Just Don’t Make Sense

Always joking and trying not to take life too seriously, Max is a character who’s hard not to like. He’s a supportive boyfriend who’s quick to apologize when necessary and consistently supports Laura. In moments of seriousness, he often manages to lighten the mood with some humor.

During this scene and plenty of other moments, Max seems to nonchalantly go with the flow. While Laura seeks evidence and answers, Max’s approach is attempting to accept the situation for what it is. He’s not one to take initiative, and he doesn't pretend to be, so he’s lucky to have Laura around to push him in the right direction.

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