These PlayStation and Nintendo games will earn you extra cash

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If you’re lucky enough to have some rare collectibles from the likes of PlayStation and Nintendo then you’ve hit the retro gaming jackpot. The PriceCharting website – which tracks how prices for countless games and consoles change over time – have just released their latest ‘Hot Items’ list. This weekly round-up runs down the games and consoles that have risen the most in value recently, and there’s some eye-catching additions to the latest countdown.

Nintendo and PlayStation fans all have collectibles to be on the lookout for, but the game that has risen the most in value recently is for the Neo Geo.

This gamer is classic side-scrolling shooter Metal Slug, with a loose version of this arcade icon rising by over £5,000 to almost £18,000.

Other high valuable games which have risen in price include the super rare Nintendo World Championship cart for the NES (now worth £19,331), Little Samson which is also for the NES (£2,268) and Star Fox Super Weekend Competition (£2,035) for the SNES.

It’s important to point out that all of these games were released in the US, and that’s a key thing as the value of retro gaming items can vary due to a number of factors.

The region a game was released in along with whether it’s loose, complete in box or in brand new condition all impact a game’s value.

In terms of UK releases, one of the biggest movers is Mega Man X3 for the SNES which is now worth almost £600, while the collector’s edition of Persona 2 for the PSP has also seen its price jump to over £180.

The foul-mouthed Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the N64 has also risen in value to almost £160 while the collector’s edition of God of War Ragnarok – which is yet to be released – has also risen in value due to high pre-order demand.

It has an RRP of £179.99 but PriceCharting values this PS4 and PS5 game at £224 loose or £336 brand new.

Sticking with modern consoles, if you’ve ever imported Nintendo Switch games from Japan then you could have a rare and valuable collectible.

The collector’s edition of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet is now worth £202, an increase of over £80 on its previous valuation.

If you’re wondering whether you have any games worth a small fortune in your collection here’s more details on the biggest movers and shakers in the gaming market…

Recent PAL (UK) price rises for games and consoles

Mega Man X3 – Super Nintendo – £594.15 (+£65.75)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin [Collector’s Edition] – PSP -£181.37 (+£48.05)

Lords Of Thunder – Sega Mega CD – £368.95 (+£37.46)

Gameboy Color Pokemon Special Edition – GameBoy Color – £93.85 (+£33.58)

Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Nintendo 64 – £159.77 (+£30.41)

Tintin in Tibet – Super Nintendo – £57.72 (+£26.26)

Pokemon HeartGold Version [Pokewalker] – Nintendo DS – £171.55 (+£26.06)

Snowboard Challenge – NES – £2,189.58 (+£24.17)

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne – PlayStation – £135.65 (+£23.99)

God of War: Ragnarok [Collector’s Edition] – PlayStation 5 – £224.27 (+£23.42)

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Recent NTSC (US) price rises for games and consoles

Metal Slug – Neo Geo AES – £17,953.65 (+£5,540.33)

Nintendo World Championship – NES – £19,330.93 (+£816.95)

Little Samson – NES – £2,267.93 (+£125.77)

SVC Chaos – Neo Geo – £453.10 (+£123.07)

Star Fox Super Weekend Competition – Super Nintendo – £2,034.50 (+£103.06)

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