This Attack On Titan Unreal Engine Fan Game Has Gone Viral With Over 10 Million Downloads

There are already a ton of Attack on Titan games, both official and fan-made, but none seem to have reached the level of prestige as Swammy's AOT Fan Game. What originally began as an experiment to replicate the anime's iconic omni-directional mobility gear then turned into a years-long odyssey with millions of downloads and an upcoming Unreal Engine 5 port.

Swammy recently released a brief video explaining the whole history of Swammy's AOT Fan Game. Initially teased in early 2021, Swammy would then release his fan game on Game Jolt after receiving so many requests from eager viewers that he just couldn't say no. It was mostly just a tech demo to start–there weren't any Titans to fight, so you really just swung around the city with your omni-directional gear. A bit like Spider-Man, but without the criminals to beat up along the way.

But then Swammy added Titans, a new open-world map, and multiplayer functionality courtesy of Epic Online Services. And since everything was free (Swammy couldn't charge for his game without running afoul of copyright laws), Swammy's AOT Fan Game drew millions of downloads from around the world.

Since 2021, Swammy has worked tirelessly to bring his Attack on Titan game to VR and mobile, although it will mostly remain a PC project for the foreseeable future. An update on Swammy’s Discord last month said support for the Android version of AOT Fan Game was ending due to "constant harassment and threats."

The mobile version is still available, with instructions on how to download on YouTube. That said, Swammy’s social media is full of videos previewing a coming reboot of AOT Fan Game made in Unreal Engine 5 for PC. The game will feature updated animations, vastly improved graphics, weather effects, and more.

Swammy plans for the UE5 version of AOT Fan Game to arrive in early 2023. And if you want to support this fan game, you can download Mecha Attack when Swammy is done developing it for iOS and Android. It features a lot of the same mobility mechanics from AOT Fan Game, but in an original universe, so he can legally charge money for it.

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