This Simpson’s Hit And Run Remaster Looks Straight Out Of The TV Show

Fans of The Simpson's Hit & Run have been begging for a remake for ages now. Last year, it looked like we might get one, as a fan-made remaster was taken down. However, nothing amounted from it, and now another fan has taken it upon themselves to give the cult classic a new coat of paint.

Content creator El Gato Del Tejado is overhauling the entirety of Hit & Run, from the character models, environment textures, and even the cutscenes. El Gato shares any updates over on their YouTube channel, where you can already see some of the final results. Through painstakingly reanimated cutscenes and swapping out character models, Hit & Run now looks just like the Simpson's show, and gives us a taste of what a remake could look like.

In the latest video, El Gato shows off the new Hit & Run cutscenes. In what looks like an incredibly tedious process, the creator has found that the only reliable way to improve these scenes is to reanimate them all by hand. This involves heavily studying The Simpsons' animation notes, and learning how to capture Matt Groening's iconic style with ease. The final result is brilliant, and completely faithful to the TV show.

There's a whole lot more to see on El Gato's YouTube channel, showing just how much work has already been poured into the mod. Dozens of textures have been given the remaster treatment, focusing on making them appear more cartoony rather than realistic.

It doesn't seem that there's an ETA on when we can expect the mod to drop. But given how much of an undertaking this is, especially for a single developer, that's not surprising at all. El Gato has just set up a Patreon for their efforts on the project, which suggests it will be available to the public whenever it launches. Hopefully, it can avoid whatever problems the other remaster ran into, and the dev can keep working on it in peace.

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