This Week In Elden Ring: First No Damage Run, Bandai Namco And Brandon Sanderson To Collaborate, And The Map Is A Giant Furled Finger

With every passing week, Elden Ring players have been showing that no matter what FromSoftware throws at them, they will either persevere, or find a way to break the game and progress anyway. Perhaps things would have been different if another acclaimed author gave his input for the game rather than George R. R. Martin.

Twitch Streamer Beat The Game In Less Than 3 Hours Without Taking Any Damage

Beating Elden Ring is one thing, but beating it without taking any damage is just ridiculous – that too in under three hours. Twitch streamer Seki managed to beat Elden Ring in two hours, 51 minutes, and 10 seconds. But it's not all pure skill, the streamer mentioned that 130 hours were put into the game as practice for this run.

Seki may be the first person in the world to have completed this feat, or at least among the first few. GinoMachino managed the same feat on March 13, but theirs was a 'no hit' run, not a 'no damage' run. "No-Hit/No Damage is harder than a regular no-hit run as the player cannot take [any] environmental damage such as fall damage/poison etc," explained Seki.

Bandai Namco Wants To Work With Mistborn Author Brandon Sanderson, Who Has A "Soulsborne Pitch"

Fantasy writer and Mistborn author, Brandon Sanderson is a big fan of FromSoftware and Soulsborne games. It looks like he's about to work on his dream project, as Bandai Namco is interested in collaborating with him.

“They are interested in perhaps doing something together, is what that says,” he said during an episode of his podcast. “I am as well, actually. This is how I roll: I actually have a pitch for them in the back of my head… so I may have to send them my pitch and see what they think.” Sanderson was also a bit salty – although playfully so – that FromSoftware approached Martin, and not him for Elden Ring despite him having played many of the developer's games.

Players Are Arguing Whether The Lands Between Map Looks Like A Furled Finger

FromSoftware games often give you the finger. However, some players believe that Elden Ring is, in fact, set on a massive finger. While Elden Ring has a lot of debatable topics, one of the more interesting ones on Reddit features players discussing whether The Lands Between map looks similar to a Furled Finger.

"I did always think it was weird that the island was shaped like that, why would it just go north-west and have a bend in it?" pointed out the Redditor. "Does not feel like something you just do. If I made a map like that I wouldn't feel good about it, but if his goal was to make it look like the finger then I would be super proud of it".

Dataminer Finds Evidence Of Cut Bestiary

One of FromSoftware's main selling points is that the enemies in the game do not have a standardized look. You never know what is going to attack you from around the next corner. Along with asking "How did that kill me?," most players also tend to ask "What exactly killed me?" That's when a bestiary would have been useful, However, it seems the devs started working on one and then scrapped it.

Dataminer JesterPatches has found 64 icons for different NPCs and enemies in the game. Each entry features two icons, leading the dataminer to believe that the second one gets filled once you find or kill the respective creature.

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