Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Best Spells, Ranked

Spells are what truly separates Tiny Tina's Wonderlands from the rest of the Borderlands series. So it is only natural that the game's Legendary spells are some of the most exciting weapons you can lay your grimy little mitts on. Plus, there is such a wide variation in different spells, beyond even just types of Elemental Damage.

As always, if you want to increase your odds of looting Legendary spells, prepare to collect a lot of Lucky Dice and farm your fair share of bosses. If your dream is to become the fastest Spellshot in the west, here are some of the best Legendary Spells you can find.

10 Time Skip Spell

  • Restores Health via Damage
  • Hold to cast Magic Projectiles that fire all at once

While it is certainly nice to have a spell that restores some of your Health whenever it hits an enemy, the Time Skip Spell is a little lackluster in other areas. You hold to cast it, summoning a certain amount of magical missiles that will all fire at the same time once the spell is complete. Sadly, it does not do as much damage as other Legendary spells. This Spell can only be found in the Chaos Chamber, unlocked after completing the campaign.

9 Threads Of Fate Spell

  • Restores Health via Damage
  • Fires a slow-moving orb that latches onto a nearby enemy and drains their life

This Legendary feels like a warlock spell out of an old-school MMORPG. You will need to hold and release to cast it, at which point it will summon a giant reddish orb. The orb moves slowly through the air until it finds a target, latching on with giant tendrils to suck the life out of your enemies. It even gives you some of your Health back to boot.

This spell would be damn near overpowered if it were any faster, or latched onto more than on target. To farm it, we recommend fighting the mini-boss Lissia at the Ancient Obelisk of Crackmast Cove.

8 Barrelmaker Spell​​​​

  • Highly effective vs. Flesh
  • Fires a bouncing barrel that explodes upon impact with a target

You would not think a bouncing barrel could deal so much damage, but turns out it does when summoned from the nether. The Barrelmaker spell is a surprisingly strong spell that needs to be held to cast, before firing a barrel that will bounce before exploding on the nearest target. If you can get a direct shot, you might even one-shot an enemy at your same level.

You can increase your chances of looting it by killing the mini-boss of the Mount Craw Ancient Obelisk called Pigwart.

7 Twister Spell

  • Ice damage
  • Slows enemies
  • Fires a whirlwind of elements that moves along the ground horizontally, pulling enemies in

The power of crowd control is not to be underestimated, even in a game like Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. While Twister might not pack the same punch as other Legendary Spells, it has the potential to suck in multiple enemies and knock them down.

This is incredibly useful against large waves of enemies, the Chaos Chamber especially. For the best odds of looting Twister, farm the Banshee boss fight in Weepwild Dankness.

6 Inflammation Spell

  • Fire Damage
  • Highly effective vs. Flesh
  • Hold to cast a stream of fire with ticking passive damage
  • Targets explode into a fireball upon death

It's time to embrace your inner Ridley with some flamethrower action. This doozy of a Legendary Spell spews fire in a straight line at your enemies, lighting them on fire for some extra damage, and then making them explode if they should die while the spell is still in effect.

There is a chance of it dropping from any old mob, but you have a better chance of looting it during the fight against mini-boss Shara at the Ancient Obelisk in Karnok's Wall.

5 Sawblades Spell

  • Poison Damage
  • Highly effective vs. Armor
  • Hold to cast bouncing sawblades

Summon wheels of bouncing death to tear through your foes. If that were not enough, the Sawblades Legendary Spell also deals residual Poison Damage, making even a light graze potentially deadly to a squishier enemy.

This spell is purely a world drop, meaning it cannot be farmed from any specific boss fight. We hope your Loot Luck is high.

4 Marshmallow Spell

  • Fire Damage
  • Highly effective vs. Flesh
  • Summons a marshmallow that explodes into healing potions

Yes. An exploding toasty marshmallow that not only does damage to any enemies in its vicinity but erupts into smaller "Chunks o' Mallow" that can be consumed to restore your health.

Great for a tanky build or even for playing with friends. Your only chance of looting Marshmallow is inside the Chaos Chamber, however, so we hope you are ready to grind.

3 Reviver Spell

  • Lightning Damage
  • Highly effective vs. Wards
  • Heals allies and revives downed allies

Everyone needs at least one healing friend. With the Reviver Legendary Spell, you can be that friend! The best part about Reviver is that even if you are playing on your own, or no one needs a rez or heals, when Reviver strikes an enemy it deals Lightning damage instead.

If you want to grant your friends eternal life, try farming the Mushroom Healer mini-boss in Snot's Post of Weepwild Dankness. The Boniface's Soul Legendary Pistol also has a chance of dropping during this fight.

2 Gelatinous Cube Spell

  • Poison Damage
  • Highly Effective vs. Armor
  • Fires a bouncy cube that leaves poison puddles before sticking and exploding

While it is more fun to imagine a deadly Flubber, the Gelatinous Cube Legendary Spell is still a pretty solid Spell all around. Casting it summons a jello-like cube that will bounce, leaving a puddle of poison wherever it touches. The moment it lands on an enemy, however, it will stick and explode.

The best place to seek out this Flubber Spell is to fight the Frondstrosity boss in the Dungeon Door just outside the Weepwild Dankness entrance.

1 Glacial Cascade Spell

  • Ice Damage
  • Slows Enemies
  • Fires a wave of ice spikes from the ground in the direction of spell cast

Pure and simple, this Legendary Spell really does pack a punch. It has more Spell Damage than some other Legendaries, and more than one Spell Charge. Not to mention, if you do not succeed in killing a mob by impaling them on your wave of killer icicles, the residual Ice Damage effect will also slow them down.

There is a chance of looting Glacial Cascade from anywhere in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, but your best bet is to farm the Chaos Chamber with some high Loot Luck.

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