Tom Holland Promises Uncharted Filming "Has Been Going Really Well"

Amidst uncertainty caused by the ongoing pandemic, the Uncharted movie has seemingly found its footing. While hiccups in production are not unheard of, the movie was in limbo for some time after switching from multiple directors. Luckily, Tom Holland has been sharing updates on the Uncharted film and seems excited to play Nathan Drake.

Tom Holland has not shied away from sharing his excitement over past projects, and in similar form, he has provided several updates regarding the Uncharted movie. Recently, the actor hopped on Instagram to let fans know that production has been a dream.

Uncharted Film Production Full Steam Ahead

In an Instagram Live update, Holland was asked about the movie’s production. He remarked that “filming is going so well” and described the experience as “everything I dreamed it would be.” Holland went on to state his love for the Uncharted games and exhibited positive sentiments about the experience. Holland did not delve into many details about the film however, aside from sharing that he is now sporting a bruise below the belt. Otherwise, the young actor seemed ecstatic about filming, if not a little tired. The rest of the livestream strayed away from the Uncharted topic as Holland began to reminisce about past projects.

The news may seem bare-bones on the surface, but for those following this project over the years, this could be a moment of relief. Compared to the Uncharted film’s troubled development in the past, Holland’s casual endorsement implies that things have since smoothed over.

Perhaps Uncharted can break the cycle of video game film adaptations that miss the mark. As big-budget games strive to cohesively translate to the big screen, it appears that more people are becoming open to the idea of video game movies. Thankfully, video games have come a long way in terms of their image in the mainstream, and we hope the upcoming Uncharted film is a success that stays faithful to the source material.

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