Ubisoft Flies Through An Hour Of Immortals Fenyx Rising Gameplay

Ubisoft revealed a name change for its upcoming greek mythology-inspired action-adventure during its second Forward event earlier in the month. Formerly known as Gods and Monsters, the promising new adventure now stands as Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Ubisoft was eager to show off how the game would operate.

Headlining the Forward event with Immortals’ new title (along with a certain Prince of Persia remake) came as a surprise to the gaming community, who previously exhaled during its E3 2019 debut for its lack of originality. But all was not lost as Ubisoft Quebec tweaked its cover image in preparation for a rebrand, and also featured a live gameplay reveal for gamers to really get a handle on what Immortals Fenyx Rising was all about.

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The gameplay event, which aired on September 11, lasted around an hour and was hosted by Chris Watters and Youssef Maguid of the Ubisoft News Team, who were also joined by Immortals Fenyx Rising product manager Clémence Nogrix. The team showcased combat, various armors and weapons, health systems, a mechanical horse, and much, much more. The game radiated an overall, magical glow that appeared very inviting, while Nogrix kept the guys right with trivia on Greek mythology and explained various game functions.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is home to protagonist Fenyx, a demigod, who must save the Greek Gods and their seven regions from being abolished by a sinister curse. Fenyx can be thoroughly customized at the beginning of the game, and displays many exciting features to make gameplay an enchanted experience. Fenyx is accompanied by Phosphor, a loyal bird, who can pinpoint places of interest on the map. Players can explore the world of the Golden Isles quickly by traversing cliffs, riding on steeds, or using Fenyx’s wings of Daedalus.

The game’s objectives are mostly inspired by Greek mythology, that feature various enemies, like a Cyclops to silence, and also uses a teleport system to transport the player to the Vaults of Tartaros; a slew of challenges to test Fenyx’s skills. Side-quests and puzzles are also on offer beside the main story, that pits Fenyx against the titan Typhon who was once banished by Zeus.

Immortals Fenyx Rising will release on December 3.

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