V Rising: How To Make Paper

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Paper is an essential item early in V Rising. This resource is used to unlock new technologies at the Research Desk, such as production floors and new armor types. At first, you will need to gather paper yourself, but eventually, you can unlock the Paper Press and make your own.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you can make your own paper. You will need 50 paper to unlock one technology from the Research Desk, which is a lot. First, let's look at how to can get paper prior to having the Paper Press unlocked.

Where To Farm Paper

Fortunately, paper is fairly easy to obtain within the Farbane Woods. This resource drops from Bandit Camps located in this forest; you can hover over an area to see what important loot an area contains. If paper is on the list of important loot, then you can head to the area and start farming! Paper can appear inside chests and crates, as well as drop from enemies.

We recommend farming for paper at the Bandit Logging Camp; this is a large area with multiple enemies that can drop paper.

Dismantling Books

Technology books can also be dismantled at the Devourer; doing so will yield a small amount of paper. The Devourer is a monstrous chest that can destroy items, yielding their basic resources. To get this, you will first need to defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer.

Once defeated, you will acquire the blueprint for the Devourer, which requires the following materials to build.

  • 12x Plank
  • 6x Copper Bar

Unlocking The Study

To make a Paper Press, you will first need to unlock the Study. This is an upgraded version of the Research Desk, where you can use scrolls to unlock new technologies. The Study will become available once you defeat Nicholaus the Fallen. This is a level 37 boss located at the peak of the Forgotten Cemetery.

To prepare for this fight, be sure to have AoE attacks ready; Nicholaus can summon groups of skeletons that become quite annoying. Once Nicholaus has been defeated, you will be able to build the Study with the following materials.

  • 40x Plank
  • 40x Paper
  • 8x Copper Bar
  • 8x Grave Dust

Researching The Paper Press

From here, unlocking the Paper Press relies on RNG. Enemies can either drop the research book for the Paper Press, or you can gather 75 scrolls yourself and have a chance to research it.

Scrolls can be farmed from encampments in the Dunley Farmlands, as well as obtained from dismantling Study technology books with the Devourer. In the map above, you can see four great locations to search for scrolls. Enemies and chest loot will reset, so you can return to these areas again to farm more.

Making Paper

Now, it's finally time to make some paper! From the Paper Press, you can make paper with the following materials.

  • 3x Plant Fiber
  • 9x Sawdust
    • This is a byproduct of making planks at the Sawmill

    This recipe will make one paper. To decrease production time and the number of materials used, we recommend placing your Paper Press in an enclosed room with Library Floors. This can also be learned through the Study with either 75 Scrolls or the Library Floors research book.

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