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Iron Ore and Iron Ingots are the next stages in V Rising's progression after Copper. You'll need to head into new parts of the maps to find it, and this requires you to be of a certain gear score before you can even think about attempting it.

Iron is used to craft the first set of Iron weapons, and you'll need a Smithy before you can even use it, but before all that, you'll need to find Iron Ore. Here's the best place on the map for it.

Best Place To Find Iron Ore In V Rising

The best place to get Iron Ore is at the Haunted Iron Mine. This is a relatively high-level area, and you need around 30-34 gear score to make it easier to actually harvest all the Iron Ore. It's located in the south of the Dunley Farmlands.

Inside the mine, you want to head to the top right of the area – you can see it on the map below.

There are several ore nodes clumped together here protected by some elite mobs and some regular mobs. No boss here, unlike other parts of the mines. The volcano does occasionally spit out molten-hot green stuff, so make sure to dodge it while you're mining.

  • Do not engage with Meredith the Bright Archer if you are under leveled. She has a powerful arrow attack that incapacitates you and leaves you open to be destroyed by her entourage of level 40 rogue archers.

How Do You Use Iron In V Rising

To actually be able to craft anything with Iron in V Rising, you'll need a Smithy. This requires you to beat Quincey the Bandit King in the Bandit Stronghold. This is a level 37-recommended fight.

Then it's pretty simple:

  • Use your furnace to turn Iron Ore into Iron Ingots
  • Carry the Iron over to the Smithy
  • Use it to craft Iron weapons that you've unlocked
  • Iron Weapons are unlocked via the Study with research scrolls or by random loot drops from enemies and bosses
  • You can craft an Iron Crossbow before having access to the Smithy via the Woodworking Bench – this is a good way to get your gear score up while you wait for the Smithy to be ready

You can craft a range of new weapons with Iron, including the Iron Reaper that deals extra damage to the Undead, and the Iron Slashers.

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