We Hope These Earth Defense Force 6 Screens Don’t "Bug" You

It may have received some initial criticism – being visually compared to a Fallout 3 DLC – but Earth Defense Force 6 has since revealed new screenshots from the main series’ sixth entry that will have gamers reaching for the Raid can.

Presented during the Tokyo Game Show, D3 Publisher subjected audiences to their insect phobia with new images of the many-legged critters and human-shaped reptiles. One image showed an Earth defender firing at a horde of giant ants, attacking the metropolis wasteland in one tangled mess. Another gave us a closer look at the game’s concrete surroundings, with the third screenshot revealing what looked like an electronically-charged reptilian.

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The Earth Defense Force panel also contained a look at single-player and co-op multiplayer gameplay from Earth Defense Force: World Brothers for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. World Brothers is a voxel art spin-off of the main series – built to be more family-friendly – and will release in early 2021. D3 Publisher also debuted gameplay from the JRPG Maglam Lord; an upcoming PS4 and Nintendo Switch title that involves the forging of magical swords as you play a demon lord.

Earth Defense Force 6 was originally announced back in June, however, its primary screenshots seemed to bug fans of the series. The game’s sixth installment will presumably be released on next-gen consoles, but its screenshots didn’t seem to give this impression. Criticized for its overall definition and color grading, some compared it to the quality of Fallout 3, and hoped that its graphics would render very differently when it releases next year.

Earth Defense Force 5 received favorable reviews, and certainly flaunted more color than its successor. Praised for its ability to satisfy the single-player by blasting alien bugs, the series has attracted a cult following since its first title in 2003, but for obvious reasons, did not sit well with arachnophobes.

EDF’s sixth wave will be set three years after its predecessor, which will see the Primers invade, once again. The Ranger class has already been disclosed by D3 Publisher, with more classes from Earth Defense Force 5 expected to make a return in the upcoming title.

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