Wordle Off is the multiplayer game you’ve been waiting for

If you’ve ever wanted to play Wordle with or against someone else then now’s your chance, even if it isn’t the official version.

You’d think Wordle was a pretty unique word, since it’s based off of creator Josh Wardle’s surname, but actually there were several games called exactly the same thing long before the more famous version came along – so a lot of those ‘clones’ on the App Store were actually there first.

That means that The New York Times can’t properly trademark the name and so you get things like Wordle Off, which is a blatant clone of actual Wordle but with one important difference: two-player competitive and co-operative play.

Wordle rose to fame thanks to people comparing their scores on social media, but with Wordle Off you can play in the same game, either competing against someone else or co-operating to get the answer.

The rules and interface are basically identical to the real Wordle, so it’s as if the original game just had extra multiplayer options added to it.

Getting a game is easy, as you choose whether you want to play with or against someone else and then either send them the link the game generates or a special code.

The person you’re playing with then just has to use those and the game starts, with both parties being able to see each other’s yellow and green squares.

As it turns out, Wordle works surprisingly well as a multiplayer game, which begs the obvious question of whether the real one will add the option in the future.

So far, despite all the claims of the game getting harder, there isn’t any evidence that The New York Times has made any major changes, beyond removing obscure or offensive words from its dictionary.

Whether it has any plans to add new features and options is a mystery, but with such a legion of clones and similar games you don’t need the official version to play with someone else.

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