Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock And Equip Outfits

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Just when you think Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is done introducing fun, new features for you to mess around with, another one is presented, making you wonder how much stuff is actually in this thing. As it turns out, the answer is 'A LOT,' which isn't an issue with us in the slightest.

One of these welcomed features is the ability to change the outfits of your party members, allowing you to get them out of Class Outfits that may not quite mesh well with them. While somewhat limited, being able to change your character's clothes is hardly a bad thing, and your options are far from terrible.


Before you can freely change the outfits of the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you must first meet a few requirements beforehand. The good news is that you will get it naturally as your progress through the story. The bad news, it can take several hours before you reach the mission needed to unlock this ability. Nonetheless, let's cover the basics!


  • Reach Chapter 3
  • Clear Ethel's Hero Quest: No Want of Courage

On paper, reaching Chapter 3 and clearing one mission may not seem that terrible, but this is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 we're talking about here, meaning it can take you anywhere from eight to twelve hours to get to this point. That is, of course, assuming you aren't trying to speedrun your way through the game. For more details on Ethel's Hero Quest and how to complete it, head to the next section!

No Want of Courage Walkthrough

When you get to the game's third chapter, you will eventually reach a point where you will have to gather Medicine Supplies for Colony 4. During this process, you will also learn that Ethel has gone missing. However, as time is growing short and you need supplies, you follow Taion's lead first, which points you to Galghour's Mehir.

Reach Galghour's Mehir

Follow the icon on the map, which will lead you to Galghour's Mehir, a spiral mountain located in the northeast portion of the map. Once you arrive at the location, you will have to circle the mountain's base until you find the pathway leading you to the top. When you finally reach the top of the mountain, you will discover Ethel standing by herself, leading to a cutscene where she explains her plan to intercept a Supply Drop. Which, coincidentally, happens to be Taion's plan as well, having her join up with Ouroboros to secure the supplies.

Search For The Supply Drop

After Ethel joins your party to track down the Supply Drop, you will see the Supply Crate land behind the Wall of the Great Hand, located on the Northwest side of the map. With the Supply Crate's location marked, make your way over to the wall. Once there, do not follow the pathway that leads you to the top of the wall. Instead, stand in front of it and look for a small hole that leads to the other side. This is easily missable but can be spotted by looking for a small ramp with collectible materials leading up it and into the hole.

Defeat Hunter Volffs

Once you have found the tricky entrance point to the other side of the Wall of the Great Hand, you will no sooner be greeted by four Hunter Volffs guarding the Supply Crate. Since the power of Ouroboros is now accompanied by the incredible Ethel, you can make quick work of them. This encounter shouldn't be much of a problem for you, but try to be above Level 17 just in case.

Open Supply Drop

Now that the four Hunter Volffs are down and out, you are now free to open the Supply Drop. Crack it open, watch a brief cutscene, and follow the next step!

Return To Colony 4

With the Medical Supplies in your possession, you will have to travel back to Colony 4 to finish your quest. Upon doing so, you will receive the following:

  • 940 EXP
  • 1,210 Gold
  • 10 SP
  • Flash Fencer Class
  • Clothing Options

Bringing us to what we've all been waiting for, how to unlock and equip outfits in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. We will go into more details on that below!

How To Unlock And Equip Outfits

Finally, with No Wants of Courage completed, you can change the clothes of your party members. To do this, you will have to do the following:

  • Open the Menu with 'X'
  • Navigate down to the 'Clothing' option
  • Browse the 'Clothing Selection' of each character!

How To Unlock Outfits

The Clothing Selection will gradually populate as you play through the game and use different Classes with each character. While there are tons of clothes to pick from, there is really only one in-game way to obtain them, with the other options coming via the Expansion Pass.

Here are all the ways you can earn outfits in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

  • Reaching Level 10 with a Class will unlock its Outfit to use freely.
  • Purchase the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass
    • Wave One: Alternate Color Variations for the Main Party Members
    • Wave Two: New Character Outfits
    • Wave Three: New Character Outfits

    While it is kind of a bummer you cannot earn Outfits by other means in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, what's here is incredibly cool, especially with the Classes found in the later portions of the game. Still, having new ones come by way of the Expansion Pass is a bit disheartening to see. Nonetheless, we feel like fans will be able to find an outfit they like for each character thanks to the loads of Classes present in the game.

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