YouTuber ACG Reports Their PlayStation 5 Is Already ‘100% Dead’

A week ago, our very own Kirk McKeand took a peek at the PS5 to see how good of a next-gen console it really was. We’re happy to report that he found no faults with Sony’s new gaming machine and not a whiff of heat issues that some have reported. The only real fault one can have with the PS5 is it’s lack of launch titles, but that’s something that it shares with the Xbox Series X/S.

We haven’t heard of any major issues with preview versions of the PlayStation 5, except for one seemingly unlucky YouTuber.

ACG (which stands for Angry Centaur Gaming, also known as Jeremy Penter) is a YouTuber that frequently reviews new and upcoming games. With over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, he’s definitely what you’d call an influencer, so he managed to finagle an early preview of the PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately for ACG, he never got the chance to review his PS5. Yesterday he reported that his preview version of the PlayStation 5 was “100% dead.”

“I was having the storage rebuild issues others reported but mine escalated to full errors and network issues/boot,” ACG wrote at the beginning of his Twitter thread. “Sony and I were working through troubleshooting when it died completely.”

ACG had promised to give away the preview PS5 in a contest while he purchased his own, but now he’s going to be giving away his personal PS5 while he waits for Sony to send him a new console in the mail. Recent Patreon subscribers that were expecting some inside info on the PS5 are getting refunded.

We do know of one PS5 that overheated, but that was because Best Buy stuck it in a plastic container without any air. We’ve also heard of some Xbox Series Xs emitting smoke, but that appears to be due to unauthorized use of vape pens. We’ve got no reason to suspect that either next-gen console will be anything but what both manufacturers promise–a giant leap forward for home gaming hardware.

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