Outer Wilds Author Officially Offered Opportunity At Outer Worlds Office Obsidian After Exit

Kelsey Beachum, the narrative designer for Outer Wilds, has a new job–she now works for Obsidian, the developer of The Outer Worlds. Yes, we’ve had to triple-check to make sure we’re getting that right.

Beachem, whose work on Outer Wilds was pivotal in it being declared one of the best games of 2019, has not said what game she’ll be working on at Obsidian, but considering that Microsoft wants to turn The Outer Worlds into a franchise, it’s likely that a sequel is being planned.

If you’re still mixing up these two game names, by the way, Beachum has a pair of handing mnemonic phrases for you.

Both games are available now on Xbox Game Pass, as well as PS4 and PC.

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