Another Impossibly Tall Skyscraper Has Been Found In Microsoft Flight Simulator

When you try to map the world, you find some weird things. A Redditor recently discovered a bizarre skyscraper jutting out of the Italian countryside, casting long shadows onto the rolling fields of bucolic bliss. What gives? Well, as it turns out, Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world-mapping technology is quite impressive, but it can also come along with some minor mistakes.

A similar monolith was discovered in Melbourne, Australia. According to Twitter user @liamosaur (embedded below), these mistakes are due to typos in OpenStreetMap, the technology that Microsoft Flight Simulator uses for its mapping technology. Apparently, a user typed that their building has 212 floors instead of 2, which led to the creation of the thin monstrosity.

That’s not the only strange sight that you might find in the game. Flight Sim accidentally turned Buckingham Palace into a nondescript block of offices, and also reduced Edinburgh Castle to a number of apartment buildings. As the game gets updated, some of these oddities and mistakes might get fixed, but I hope that the obelisks stay, a digital reminder of how important a typo can be.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has garnered an ecstatic response from fans and critics like. In GameSpot’s 9/10 review, critic Edmond Tran called the game a unique blend of technical prowess and out-and-out fun. “Being encouraged to dive into the rabbit hole of learning how to operate genuine, complex machines to perform amazing feats of science is giddying, as is being able to journey across a realistic, mostly accurate depiction of our entire, beautiful planet. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a spectacular technical achievement and a deeply inspiring experience filled with glorious possibilities.”

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