Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gets Highly-Requested Content This Summer

Ubisoft has provided a brief roadmap that outlines what’s coming to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Players on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One can expect a big update and some new content sometime this summer.

The studio said Title Update 2.0.5 is currently in development and will primarily focus on “bug fixing to help improve the player experience.” Ubisoft didn’t specify what’s in the update, but the team did confirm that it’s looking at the DMR exploit. The bug allowed players to trick Breakpoint into granting high-level DMR damage to any primary weapon as long as a DMR was in the secondary weapon slot. Title Update 2.0.5 will “address the current reproduction steps of the exploit” while Ubisoft continues searching for a solution that “resolves the problem permanently.” The update is slated to drop sometime this June.

Ubisoft also confirmed when some highly-requested features will get added. The long-expected AI squadmates update will come out sometime this summer, alongside the looter-shooter’s second live event. Summer this year falls between June 20 and September 22. The first live event, which tasked you with hunting down a Terminator T-800, ran from January 29 to February 6.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint recently received its “more radical and immersive” update in March on all platforms. The new version, which includes the long-awaited Immersive Mode, gives you three different game modes to fine-tune Breakpoint’s experience. Ubisoft is still sifting through feedback on this overhaul and will provide an update on “what the next iteration of Ghost Experience will look like” once it’s done.

The recent Breakpoint update also includes a Splinter Cell crossover, in which series protagonist Sam Fisher talks to the player about a number of events that occurred on the game’s fictional island of Auroa, including the appearance of the Terminators. You can read up on the full patch notes here.

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