Hunt: Showdown Disables Nvidia Freestyle Because It Gives Players An Advantage

Hunt: Showdown has disabled an option available to Nvidia users on PC over concerns that it gives players an advantage. In a tweet on the game’s official account, the developers have explained the issue at hand, and have announced that the option has been disabled to prevent exploits.

“In the last couple of months we have received feedback that players use and exploit Nvidia filters in order to get a competitive advantage, especially during night mission,” the post reads. “To keep a level playing field and a fair competitive environment we have devided to disable Nvidia Freestyle.”

The issue is that it’s possible to use Freestyle to greatly lighten the screen during dark missions, making opponents much easier to see. Since so much of the game is set in the dark, this means that players able to adjust brightness on the fly were at a major advantage.

If you’re an Nvidia user, you’ll now have to join other players in the darkness.

Back in May, the game added console cross-play, meaning that there’s a wider pool of players to hunt with and against.

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